Monday, September 29, 2008

Bramha Jignyasa -Inquiry into Bramha

Vyam vedvyasaya namaha
Srigurubhyo namaha
Abhramam bhangarahitam ajadam vimalam sada
Anandatirthamatulam bhaje tapatrayapaham

Who Am I ! Who is Creator! From where does this beautiful world surrounding us emanate?
This solicits enquiry.But mere enquiry can it solve this inquizitiveness ?
What are essentials of finding Truth?
To begin with let's start with our own body.
AM I This Body? We all say this is 'my' "hand" This is 'my' 'face' This is 'my' body'
This 'my hand my face my body' points to the fact that 'I' am different from ' hand , face body etc' ; 'I' am essentially seperate from 'Body' (deha) .
Am I 'mind'.
No because we say my 'mind' is wandering when mind is irrestive and dont say I am wandering.
so 'I' is different from the 'Mind'(manas)
yes very word 'I' suggests individuality (Aham Atma)
where is this Soul . How to accept its existence.
Truth can be ascertained in three ways
1>By perception through five senses/sense organs( Pratyaksha)
2>By logical inference (Anumana)
3>By Scriptures
Let us analyse each for whether they can reveal ultimate Truth.
1> Sensory perception : it is knowledge acquired from what we see , hear , feel , taste or smell.
but not every time what we see does end up in reality. because it is well known that human being is subjected to illusions. for eg. a man with colour blindness might see red as some other colour . so his knowledge of what he sees is incorrect. Also due to imbalance of tridoshas( bile phlegm and wind ) in the body gives rise to false tastes and touch. So it can be concluded that correct knowledge cannot be ascertained through sense perception alone. When delusion exists with knowledge of sense objects in the matters of worldly objects then least can be said about enquiry into existence of Bramha , Soul etc. through sense perception ie. Pratyaksha alone.
2> Inference (Anumana)- Certain knowledge can be obtained with application of logic.
say 'Sun is Hot' , no one till date has touched sun but it is indisputably agreed that 'Sun' is hot.
because rays of sun on a summer mid day can reign in curfew like situation in every city known for soaring temps. If rays of sun can creat such heat so sun must be a hot .
But can we rely solely on the logic for knowing Bramha , Atma etc. completely.
consider this . there is smoke coming atop a hill . 'there must be fire on the hill'.
Not every smoke speaks of definite existence of fire.Logically it can be endlessly argued on account of both pros and cons.So anumana cannot alone establish Bramha Atma Srishti etc .
3> Scriptures(Agama) :
Scriptures are of two types 1> wriiten by humans 2> unwritten scriptures.
when we are all in school we are given a text book and we mug it up to write exams . we get 1 st rank second rank etc and rejoice. little do we doubt that what is being taught to us ,' whether it is right or wrong'?

we take it for granted . For most of educated many ,Science exists because it is taught in text books. We grow up thinking high of 'Newton' only to be told that his theory was faulty and classical mechanics is replaced by Quantum in post graduation. Then stephen hawking walks in one fine day and declares all we were thinking that was right untill now was far from truth.
where are these scriptures taking us? Can it be relied upon.
We see a film and get thoroughly influenced by it whereas it is a just a directors' / writer's viewpoint and not absolute truth.Hence all the written material about God creation by a human agency cannot be accepted as ultimate 'TRUTH' because it has a human agency . Every human agency has a defect known as Birth and Death. it is imperfect .
IMPERFECT Cannot give rise to PERFECT.
So only unwritten scriptures can give or convey ultimate TRUTH.
Bramha is the ultimate TRUTH to be known by the souls.These unwritten Scripture is known as VEDAs.
Conclusion: Bramha is said to be Adhokshaja in Vedas ie. one who cannot be known through perception and logic . 'Pratkyakshaanumanaatit'-Adhokshaja.

in the next post we will see , why veda is unwritten , how it is ultimate authority why it cannot be disputed.and what vedas say about Bramha

OM Om Athato Bramha Jignyasa OM

Sri Krishnarpanamastu

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