Sunday, November 2, 2008

Your Questions My Answers

All the questions ,inquisitive queries can be posted here . Answers to these will only be as per the dictum laid down in the shastras. Our philosophy does not give importance to a thinking or conclusions of an individuals or humans. Every thing should be backed by Vedas and smritis. I would answer to the best of my capacity, intelliegent and learned should only take the best leave out the defects as a mercy.



  1. Questions relating to Na Aham Kartha Hari Hi Kartha:

    1. If Shri Hari is making us do every thing in our life, how can one explain bad things that people do.
    2. If a soul is already predestined to be Tamasic or Rajasic, what is a person's motivation to better himself. Are the doors of heaven permanently closed to non-satvic souls?

  2. Namskara Shri Raghu,
    Souls are reflections of the God. jeeva has gnyana anandmaya sharira (swaroop deha). Tamasic souls have swaroop deha of agnyana ,dukhamaya etc. rajasic have mixed (sukh dukha mishra deha)
    The charachteristics of soul are inherent , neither created nor destroyed, even God does not create them. If He Created then He will have dosha of Partiality (nairghrunya).God is full of good qualities only.
    Kali is the neechatineecha among souls. He has a quality of being present everywhere ,see everything.
    He is also under the control of Narayana and Mukhyaprana.
    For tamasic souls mere circumstantial push is enough to commit sin, their natural characteristic spring up. Hence God creates such atmosphere for them, ( eg. Budhha giving anti vedic sermon to demons).
    For rajasik souls , majority plays important they swing as per the situation, if world sings spirituality tine all these become spiritual, when world is taken over by monsters , these start sinning and siding with demons/antiGod
    Sattvic however errs by double motivation only, one from inside by (Daitya avesha) second by simultaneous external influence (sahavasa) [eg manthara to kaikeyi, karna-suyodhana].
    Thus all bad things in the world are primarily carried out by the Kali and his followers.
    Kali is under Narayana (he does not act independently but that is his dwesha sadhana).
    All good is carried out exclusivesly by Mukhya prana .
    To sin is to hate God , that leads to hell , Following Dharma and bhakti leads to Moksha , heaven and earth are for intermediaries.
    2. If tamasic and rajasic are predestined ,what is motivation for betterment?
    even God does not want them strive for betterment, because it is not their nature, they by nature seek unhappiness.
    However you nourish a neem tree with milk , does it bear sweet fruit?
    Can you expect a cool shade from a thorny weed ?
    it is only going to prick if you embrace it with love.
    Some guys are just confused (rajasik) and they rejoice confusion(udaseena).
    [Just interact with a businessman , when even in profit he says ( whats the use of profit there is no charm in business ) in a times of loss he says business mein nafa nukhsaan chalta hi rahta hai) He has a taint of happiness and unhappiness in both the situations. ]rajasik soul.

  3. Hope this solves your query, your qustion is beautiful, at the onset itseems to throw Dvaita siddhanta off the guard but infact, it is the very question that establishes our Philosophy strongly.
    Other philososphies brush this question aside by simply quotiing mithya , independence of soul or worst still , Inability of God to control the situation,Urdu shayari is full of such concepts

  4. Shri Chiraan: Your commentary on Sundarakanda are really nice and informative. When you get a chance please do provide a posting on the death of Vaali and Acharya Madhva's commentary on why it was OK for the Supreme Lord to have killed Vaali in an indirect manner. Also, any other comments/interpretations (including yours of course!) from our Maadhva gurus would be much appreciated.

  5. Dear sir,
    I am obliged by your keen interest on the topic , i shall do so at the earliest. In fact vaali vadha episode is an indirect khandana of those philosophies which omit place of importance to vayudev and keep singing praises of Prabhu's pada.

  6. Dear Chiraan avare,


    Can you please tell me the philosophical reason as per Madhwa Sampradaya for practicing Asoucham? How long should Asoucham be practiced for immediate blood relatives? I was told that we should still perform Sandhya Vandane and Ekadasi upavasa during Asoucha. Is this correct?

  7. Namaskara,
    Varaha purana mentions 32 aparadha ,that should not avoided while praying Lord.Ashouch leads to one of the aparadhas ,hence pooja is not allowed . Since men in ashoucha also disturb the purity of the others , going to others' house is also prohibited so that others pooja is not interrupted.
    When asoucha comes by due to death of known/unknown, the dead usually having ethereal body makes trips to each and every known aquaintance to understand his relation, sometimes looks for some punya to relieve himself of the agony.
    these visits ,virtually makes the devatas vacate the premises ,hence there is no avahana in their presence. thus there is no pooja.
    for blood relations it varies from 10 days , 3 days,to 36hours. depending upon relation.
    Sandhyavandane and ekadasi are nityakarmas like bathing everyday ,which is compulsory. However , suchi asuchi are for bodies not for the soul. Mind is clean or unclean by mere thoughts.
    Hence sandhyavandane ,ekadashi have to be performed mentally in mind .
    Manas karma do not require any bodily cleanliness .So you can always pray God in heart without moving your lips.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I have read somewhere that Lord Rama acrued Brahma Hatya Pataka after killing Ravana. Is this true as per Madhwa system? Kindly enlighten us as to why such a belief is prevalent at least in some sections of the Hindu society. Thanks

  9. Dear sir,
    Very interesting question. Before answering the question first let us understand what are patakas?
    patakas are aparadhas which immidiately engulfs the perpetrators .he has no recourse but to undergo he malefic effects in due course.[being bodyless for 70000 yugas is the effect of bramha hatya]
    bramha hatya,stree hatya,go hatya,surapana,suvarnsteya are all patakas.
    Now we should ask are patakas jada or jeeva . since it is jada they cannot by themselves chase the pataki(jeeva). It has to have some kind of agency(living) to activate that. If the agency is detrmined then ,it can safely be concluded that same agency can also help in getting rid of the pataka.
    so pataka acts by its agency.
    Is Rudra the agency?
    Cannot be ,because Siva himself engulfs bramha hatya by cutting Bramha's fifth head and that head sticks to his hand (kapali) ,He gets rid of it through Vishnu Upasana.[Rudra is seen as suffering from this hatya dosha.
    So papa punya ,pataka etc are all under the control of Lord Rama himself(Narayana)
    Since agency is Narayana himself , pataka cannot touch him ,he is not bound by it.
    Also Ravana was killed by the arrows , God kills all bramhins as their longevity is complete ,as mrtyu ( Mrutyu abhimani devta Sri Narsimha) .
    During Pralaya Narasimha kills(samhara) Bramha too. So when he does not get bramha hatya by wiping entire creation then killing Ravana cannot get any hatya dosha on him.
    Moreover there is no ilustration of Narayana suffering on account of these mass Bramha hatya during pralaya. so single killing of one Ravana Bramhana cannot engulf him.

    Many acts of Rama are for [daitya mohana] illusion of demons . this one is also for the same . [It is to give illusion that Rama is just an ordinary man , fearing dosha he undertook remedies and installed a sivalinga.Thus Shiva has relieved Rama of Bramha Hatya,thus he is superior to Rama]
    Why does Bramha hatya engulf souls ?
    Bramhana is a chala murthy of the Hari. any act of violence against him is like raising hands on the idol of God.[heinous crime]
    Secondly we cannot assume the role of regulator towards elders , even if they are wrong, only appropriate authorities are supposed to take action. All these philosophical elements are ingrained in Bramha hatya.
    Nonetheless , all papa ,punya are for souls(jeevatma) only indicating their (bandha) from which they are supposed to get Mukti.
    They are not for God(Paramatma ),who is independent and always free from doshas(blemishes).
    Jada (pataka) can chase jeeva by the will of Parmatma .
    Jada by itself is not powerful to chase or cause fear for parmatama.
    Nor can it chase jeevatma without the will of Parmatma.

  10. Dear Sir,

    Thanks so much for the explanation. Your explanations are very lucid and illustrative. Why is Ravana considered a Brahmana? Isn't he the son of Kekasi who is a Rakshasa stree? (I heard that the child gets the varna of the mother). For instance, in MahaBharata, while Dritharashtra and Pandu are both considered Kshatriyas because of being born to Ambika and Ambalika, Vidura is considered a Sudra because he is born to a Dasi.

    On a similar note, I am also confused about the varna of Sri Vyasa Bhagavan. Since he is born to Satyavati (Matsya Gandhi), isn't he supposed to be Sudra? But he is considered a Brahmana.

    Please advise as to what is the correct pramana for all the above questions.

  11. Dear sir,
    Interesting query ,but the assumptions on which question is raised is faulty. Let me clarify them.
    1.Bramhanas are there in every types of species, rakshasas , devatas,manushya,sarpa etc. example vasuki,shesha are bramhana , takshak is kshatriya etc.among sarpas, Brahaspati is bramhana, rudra is kshatriya,etc,
    kekasi is daugther of Maya .
    2. when father and mother are of different castes ,son born belongs to neither father's nor mothers' caste but to anoher caste altogther.

    like bramhana father sudra mother gives Parasava ,bramhana father and vaishya mother gives ambashta ,vaishya father and bramhana mother gives vaidehika etc. Thus there are many castes.
    3. many types of sons are there according to dharma aurasa,dattaka,kritrim etc
    4.when x bear a son from somebody else's wife ,its still their child ,of their caste .noy mr X's caste.
    5.So VYASA 's son in ambika and ambalika were still kshatriyas and kuruvanshi not vashishta vanshi.
    6.Dasi was not married hence vidura was parasava not sudra. When either of mixed parents are sudra no upanayana samskara is carried out , for all others upnayana is carried out.
    7.But when kshatriya mother marries bramhana father , he is murdhavastika ,but he can lead life either as bramhin or kshatriya as per his liking. Parashurama leads bramhin life but Drupad though from mudgal lineage leads Kshatriya life.
    8.Satyavati was born to a kshatriya King ,his semen was swallowed by a fish.
    Reference is manusmriti ,almost all puranas talk about varnashrama dharma.
    for details on castes visit.

  12. Dear Sir,

    Namaskar. Can you please tell me about the origin of "Panchamas"? According to Purusha Sookta only 4 varnas were created by Bhagwan. How did the practice of untouchability start in Sanatan Dharma?

    I also read that, in addition to Panchamas, even Sudras used to be discriminated. At what point did Sudras start getting oppressed in our religion? If Sudras are born from the feet of Bhagwan, how can a Brahmana seeing a Sudra become impure? After all, Sudra is also God's child right. Was temple entry denied to Sudras? If so, what was the reason?

    In certain temples, other castes are not allowed into Bhojan Salas (exclusively for Brahmins). If all Chaturvarnas are children of God, why this distinction.

    I am only asking these questions to better educate myself and correctly respond to people who criticize our Dharma. If our Sastras have prescribed some of the above, there must be a valid reason. I am eager to know the real reasons.

  13. Namaskar,
    At the onset ,castes are many,Four are major ,and rest are born out of intermixing of the above, the more details are given in this post

    Sudras were not illtreated at any point of time prior to kaliyuga.
    As the varaha /padma purana says , Many rakshasa take birth in kaliyuga in brahmana castes , it is these who illtreated the sudras.
    God exists in everyone he alone directs all the soul. So God in every soul has to be addressed as laid down by shastras. But upasana of God is prescribed only in the god as present in agni, cow, tulasi, bramhins, idols in the temple.etc. God though present in a dog , insects also , we dont pray Him there. Neither we pray him in kshatriya etc.
    Then prayer to God in these bodies is represented by taking care of these. when you take care of a child , god in it is happy, when serve a old man, god in him is prayed, similarly when you feed the animals , god in it is pleased.

    there are differentform of pleasing God , you cannot apply same yardstick everywhere.
    There is no shastra where sudra should be oppresed, infact being an inteligent dependent entity he is supposed to be taken care of by the society .
    The body of sudra is inherently incapable of staying away from hunger , fasting, penace and hence strict rules of living are exempted for him.
    ( god is merciful, he gets all the punya by just serving one who does lots of punya by severe austereties)
    Now a temple is popular because , God present in idol grants wishes , he can do so as long as there is sannidhi in this idol.
    sannidhi is greater with greater austerities. And since temple has just become a place of pilgrimage, tourist spot , sannidhi no longer exists and also wishes are definitely granted ,it has become a random phenomena,hence now allowing everyone is okay now,

    Bhojan sala question is very interesting,
    we share papa of those whome we share clothes money and food.
    eating together also entiles us to share sins of others.
    we know people suffer because of sins. A foriegner is known sinner , sin is their way of life.[drinking,free sexuality ,cow slaughter etc are allowed in thiose countries , and they find nothing wrong with it, for us it is sin, which we are afraid of ]
    this is known as panktidooshan (it is far more severe form of papa, according to manusmriti)
    to avoid a debate on all these ,people eat alone.

  14. Namaskara Chiraan avare:
    In one of your answers you quoted "eg. Budhha giving anti vedic sermon to demons".
    The Buddha you mention, I presume is Prince Siddhartha aka Gautama Buddha. In our Dashavataara, the avatara before Kalki is Buddha. Can you kindly provide some references on this avatara and where we can learn more about Him?

  15. Namaskara,
    Buddha as mentioned in shastras was born to tripurasura,,narsimha purana,Bhagavat etc gives more details.Gautam is shakya the lineage of ikshvaku.

  16. Namaskara Shri Chiraan:
    Do the avataras of the Gods some times overlap? For example, though Bhima is an avatara of Shri Hanuman, there is an incident in Mahabharatha where Shri Bhima could not lift Mukhya Prana's tail. I also heard vaguely of another episode in the Puranas where Shri Parashurama's "garva" (audacity? pride?) was subdued by the Supreme Lord.

    Your comments on these will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  17. Namaskara shri Raghu ,
    Avataras do overlap, as i have mentioned in the blog ,during rajsooya yagnya ,Parshurama ,Vedavyasa and Krishna all the three Vishnu roopas were present .
    During Indra and Krishna yuddha , Trivikrama[Vamana] also came to watch the war.
    During Rama avatar , when shiva Dhanush was broken by Rama , Parashrama appeared and there Rama and Parashurama fought each other. However this was due to presence of Atul a rakshas who had a boon from bramha that he wanted to pervade all the universe by being in Vishnu , so parashurama kept him inside his stomach. Bramha had said his boon will be valid till he does not differentiate between Vishnu and his roopa. When rama shot astras towards Parashurama ,atul felt Parashurama is different then rama and thus died. Others [vashishta etc prayed lord to resume his self as the confusion would lead them to hell. Parashuram declared Ram to be Avatra of Vishnu and went away to forest. He stayed there as chiranjeevi.
    There is no difference among avataras. similarly Hanuman is He met Bheeema to show they were different the act of tail was enacted.
    and Bheema also asked Hanuman a boon to be present in Arjuna's Flag.
    Vidura and Yudhisthira are both avatara of Yama.Arjuna and Balarama are avataras of Shesha.Durvasa and Ashwathama,shuka are all Rudra. Draupadi ,Kali are avataras of Bharati, Daughters of Jarasandha and Shalya were both avaataras of Usha devi.Rukmini and satyabhama are avatars of Laksmi.All these were at the same time present and interacting with each other. So avatars did overlap many times .
    Devatas are bahuamsa jeevas,They can take as many avataras as they have amsas. there will be difference in qualities in amsa amsi , But for God amsa amsi are one and the same. This is the secret teachings of Mahabharath.

  18. pranam sir,

    i would like to ask is it really integral to embrace a GURU for self attainment?
    and what is bhakti , and if it means realisation of god[ ultimate pleasure] then why the
    subject[ bhakt] intends to live.


  19. Pranam,
    The blogs about Guru , Bhakti and gyan bhakti vairagya are all discussed in detail in the blogs by the same name ,on the main page.
    Attainment of Moksha [unmixed happiness] is by the grace of God only. God does not give his grace directly. He bestows grace only thorugh one's guru only. All the vidya one gets can only be fruitful if taught by an able guru.
    Moksha is attained by relentless study of shastra under guru . then after study one has to introspect ,there arises numerous doubts , all these doubts must be got cleared by a knowledged Guru [whose qualities has already been discussed in the blogs]. Once the doubts are cleared ,then the knowledge so got should be meditated upon [as present in guru] , thus the God can be seen , he when pleased bestows Moksha through the guru . { Guru here is our own guru , his guru,param guru,dev guru, Madhvacharya ,Vedvyaasa,Vayu bharati,Bramha saraswati,Lakshmi Narayana} Dwadasha guru.
    Purpose of life [having a body] is only to attain knowledge of Vishnu ,good progeny ,and next life to attain the same,till moksha. if purpose is other than these then it is sheer waste of time ,such people are only burden onto the earth.

  20. Shri Narender ,
    if the last question as to why subject lives, is made under the impression that after god realisation one loses entity , then it is false notion. One does not lose his entity even in moksha. Even in moksha we are subordinate to God and enjoy through our guru's grace only. Moksha is entering Vaikuntha where life is as much like what we have here replete with , sons wife ,friends and house and other articles of enjoyments and pleasure ,only thing is e donot have even an iota of unhappiness there.
    this is Moksha according to Bhagavata.

  21. pranam sir,

    guru here is our own guru... whether own guru must be alive ? or can we depose our faith on his teachings? for eg. guru nanak , as nowadays we are witnessing various self proclaimed 108, 1008, brahm rishi .....and so on gurus whom shud we trust ? and how can we trust when serious doubts can be raised on their integrity.and when god grace moksha through guru , shudnt he grace with a guru? to those who want a guru and yearn for moskha...

    and to my earlier question about why the subject intends to live , was under the impresion that once , you get happiness by way of bhakti i believe it as permanent and irrevesible, so why would he settle down for any other happiness which is un matchable with unmixed happiness


  22. pranam,
    yes guru must be alive to give upadesha and path of sadhana. God always blesses one with guru(alive),now sampraday gurus are acceptable. but if you are not belonging to any sampradaya , then here are broad guidelines.
    those who equate themselves with God are not gurus ,
    those who dictate oneness with God cannot be guru.
    Those who only rely on showing miracles rather than preaching about qualities of God .cannot be guru.
    Guru is one who removes doubts about understanding of Vishnu ,in accordance with Vedas.
    One can undertake hanuman pooja to get proper Hanuman is jagadguru and alive.

    2.Moksha is attained only by performing karma unattached. This state can be achieved only through gnyana. without gnyana no karma can be performed unattached. when this state is achieved then actual sadhana begins , and moksha is attained after several such births of enlightened action.
    so in every birth you have to undergo happiness unhappiness ,equanimity is suggested not striving for happiness.
    Bhakti itself is not the state of happiness, it leads to moksha ,it has to increase daya by day.

  23. pranam sir

    karma unattached ? how is it possible

    and what about mansa and vacha karma , here in both of them, person against whom things are said and percieved does not suffer in actual form. for eg, physical harm , etc. so how these two karma are evaluated then ? do they add up to sins? and if yes ways to apologise for them ? because to my general understaing as a layman i belive as you sow that you reap ,but if some thing is hidden inside and not even shared, can it be as bad as doing bad actually??

  24. Pranam,
    Karma unattached how they have to be performed have been discussed in previous blogs at length.
    Na aham kartha blog is also somewhat throws light on the topic.

    Manasa vacha karma are also registered by panchbuthas , they are karma sakshi and hence punishable . when you do karma sins by mind , you lose children [premature baby deaths, abortions etc] , when you do sins with vacha , you lose wealth ,belongings, peace , quarrels with family members are the results of those sins.
    nothing is hidden , everything is reflected , when somebody thinks bad about me , if it is justified ,i lose my punya , if it is not justified then the one who thinks shares my other sins andreduces my burden of undergoing its effect.

  25. pranam sir,

    allright , i got the point sir about types of karma and their evaluations
    kindly suggest some book/s for a detailed understanding of karma and thier differentiation with paap or punya [ i mean how do we know it is paap or punya?]

    thank you


  26. Dear Chiraan Avare, Namaskara.

    Could you kindly answer the following questions for me?

    1. When a person dies, when does the soul leave the body? --> Is it immediate and does the soul enter another yoni immediately?

    2. When a woman conceives, at what point during the pregnancy does the "embryo/foetus" have a soul?

    3. I have seen so many stotras (for instance, Santana Gopala Stotra) for begetting a male child. Do you know of any stotras/poojas/homas for begetting a female child? If so, could you please let me know what they are?

    Thanks for your time.

  27. Namaskar Shri Ananth,
    answer1 : At no point soul is bodyless. it aquires different bodies in different circumstances. Death is parting of human body. after parting immidiately it acquires preta yoni.but since daha samskara would not have been done ,it is held by yamadutas. immedately after death , it is taken to yamapuri ,there a judgement is passed onto its karmas. The time taken for this is the delay in completing samskara for the mrut deha.
    once the soul is brought back from the yamapuri ,and samskara is over[burning] , it is left free to roam in the premises of its death among family members.
    here it is of the size of the thumb , with everyday food given to it during ten days it acquires shape and size a foot everyday. thus during this period it evalvates the emotions of near and dears. and tries to cut attachments , garud purana is mainly for that. After 13th day it starts its journey towards its abode [as decided in yamapuri] .this is a year long it acquires vayu prachur yoni.
    IN swarga it acquies sukhamaya deha. in naraka it acquires Dukhamaya deha to sustain hot oil, nailing etc punishments.
    In all difrent places have different yonis , wherever it goes it takes on that body.
    answer2. Pregnancy
    1st month - kalil [shukla+ shonith]
    2nd month - kathin [shirotpatti]
    3rd month - ankur [avayava]
    4th month - garbh vriddhi [asthi etc]
    5th month - charmotpatti
    6th month - angaj[ roma loma nakha]
    7th month - chaitanya [ jeevotpatti ,gyanendriya]
    8th month - ashnodwega [matru ahara shvasat ,shisu dehapushti]
    9th month prasavodwega [sarvanga sampurna]
    10th month prasava kala [ birth and agyana ]

    3. Homa with red utpala gives kanya santati.
    Drupada wanted a girl child to wed Arjun and he invited YAAZ and UPYAAZ bramhin brothers to perform yagna for it. He gave a promise of 10 crore cows for it. Thus Draupadi was born.
    hope this answers your question


  28. Dear Sri Chiraan, Namaskara.

    As per your instructions, I have started Sundara Kanda (both Valmiki Ramayana and MBTN) Parayana. Yesterday, unfortunately, I slept off during day time (I started reciting Rama nama and unknowingly, I got into deep sleep). As far as I know sleeping during the day while doing Parayana is forbidden. I am now starting to worry that I may not get the desired fruits and Punyaphala of this Parayana due to this mistake committed by me. Could you please let me know what is the prayaschitta for this dosha? If I perform this prayaschitta will I still acrue all the punya from this parayana or will I have to forego some of it. Please advise. I am eagerly waiting for your suggestions.

    P.S: A learned friend of mine suggested that I recite "Sri Rama Rama Rameti" Sloka 108 times and that will wash off the sin accumulated due to violating the norms of Parayana. Would this be sufficient?

  29. dear chiraan sir


    about papa and punya it is said that if you are enjoying the pleasures in life , probably punya are being disbursed /exhausted... is it right that if we suffer in life papa gets disbursed?
    or is it that because of our punya we are punished[suffered] lightly which we ought to have more grave punishments otherwise...
    2. we see in many religios functions such as mata ka jaagran , etc. few ladies or else others get swayed with mata or any devta , and they start doing strange things , is it possible that heavenly abodes come in human body?


  30. Namaskara Shri Venkat Narsimha,
    In the sandhyavandana phalashruti ,it is clearly mentioned that sandhyavandane clears the papa accrued in a day due to, diva shayana, abhakshya bhakshana,nindita darshana,rajaswala sambhashana etc. So if you have performed sandhyavandana ,it clears the issue.
    now during Parayana .... ,
    when we are in parayana ,anushthana etc, we gain punya each day [enormous punya] , when a karmalopa is commited or occurs ,the quantum of papa it generates reduces some punya and papa gets nullified [if it is not the pataka] . If this papa is greater than your punya accrued than ,it is called as bhanga. diva shayana is small lopa compared to Parayana punya. that too gets washed off with sandhyavandane. [Prayashchitta is done to resolve that it will not occur again , for that ,reciting vishnu sahasranama , or 108 gayatri, Bramhman bhojana ,hastodaka in Rayarmatha etc are prayashchittas anyone can be undertaken]
    "Rama rameti..." is advised for those by SHIVA to accumulate the punya of reciting Vishnusahasra nama [without actually going thru entire 1000 names] but just saying "Rama Rameti ..." once .

  31. Namaste Shri narender ,
    Shatras prescribe that when we are in pleasure ,we must think it is due to ashirwad of the elders and guru [apart from good deeds, which obviously we have not done independently] ,when in grief we must think God has accorded bad days to wash off our sins.
    We are always made to suffer less than the committed sins [God is merciful] without doubt.
    2. Heavenly bodies don't invade impure bodies. But inferior beings do invade the bodies. In case temples also such things happen only in when Temple diety wants to give some instructions ,but such instructions come in the form of voice to a dumb or idiots ,not general people.
    General people are invaded by what is known as Guhyakas.
    mistaken for deities.

  32. Dear Chiraan Avare, Namaskara!

    Could you kindly let me know what Suktas or Mantras are recited while performing the Homa with Red Utpala (Does this mean red lotus?) How do I explain this Homa to a Purohita.

    Incidentally, I also heard that when the Santana Gopala Mantra is recited in a different way (variation of one akshara), that will also help Sadhaka in begetting a girl child. I was told if a Sadhaka recites "Dehime tanayam Krishna tvaamaham sharanam gathaa" instead of "Dehime tanayam Krishna tvaamaham sharanam gathaha", he will obtain a girl child due to Hari Kripa. Please let me know if this is correct.

    Thanks, very much!

  33. Sri Chiran Avare, Namaskara!

    Thank you for the detailed response. I do Sandhyavandane daily. Additionally, as per your suggestion, I'll also do Vishnu Sahasranama japa and 108 Gayatri Japa.

    In addition to Pancha Maha Patakas, what other Patakas can cause the punya phala to reduce or get nullified? Kindly advise.

    V Narasimhan

  34. Namaskar Chiran ji,

    Can you please tell me how the following sentence should be said in Samskrit while doing Sankalp for Pooja?

    "Please bless me with a Satputra who is as virtuous as Sri Rama"

    Can the above sentence be said this way?

    "Sri Ramachandra samo satputro labhyartham" Bhagavad poojam karishye.

    Kindly help me by answering my question.


  35. Shri Ananth avare,
    priyangu payas ajya homa gives kanya santati , adding lum beejakshara to mantra will give the desired. "gaurir mimaye...." gives quick results.
    if you are using lotus 100 flowers , 10000 manyu suktha , 28 anjali , palash samit .
    ishta santati sankalpa by purohit.

  36. Shri Narsimhan avare , namaskara,
    Strisanga,antyaj sambhashana,eating outside,shouting at elders,himsa , krodha on dwij all this instantly takes away punya.

  37. Namaskar shri Ram,
    its not right to do sankalpa, using sama is not advised. Just "satputra praptyartham " should be enough because a satputra is one who gets all the ancestors towards heaven.
    We get sons as per our yogyata. Except Kashyap/swayambhu manu none has begot Lord as son .
    Nonethless you can still say it this way ,
    "yadvat Dashrathaye tadvat satputra prapthyartham"

  38. dear sir namaste

    you mentioned few acts [ pataks] which nullify punya fal,

    i used to shout a lot on elders[ parents] even now it happens someitmes, i regret later on but in the heat of moment just cant controll
    kindly suggest how to get over with it, and means for prayshit,i can straight away ask my parents to forgive me,but tht wont give me peace cos it will be a repeatition
    pls help

    2. is it possible to give the phal of one's good karma / tapasya to others and vice verca? like we hear when gandhari asked duryodhan come naked before her to hv a glance in order to make him of vajra


  39. Pranam,
    there is no prayashchita for that , matru pitru seva with renewed zeal is only remedy .
    it is possible to give your punyain two ways.
    1. if you have alreay ammased it then you can give it .
    2. if you have not amassed it then you have to do sankalpa that this so and so karma be ejoyed by so and so .
    in this case the otherperson gets 1/16 of you karma.
    perform it 16 times to give him complete phala.

  40. Shri Chiraan avare: When you get a chance can you post some notes/insights/comments etc., pertaining to the the Prameya Shloka of Shri Vyasaraja teertha - especially the last 3 or 4 tenets: 1)Mukthirnaijasukhanubhuthi....2)Amalabhakthi...3)Hyakshaditrayam...4)Aikavedyo Harihi...
    While it is somewhat easier to understand the concepts of Taratamya, Supremacy of Shri Hari, Jeevesha bheda; the other tenets, I think need some more elaboration.

  41. Shri Raghu avare,
    I shall certainly post some more notes, but interstingly my initial blogs are in away connected to the prameyas though not in the order. It seems they have not fully justified the prameya. I shall try to elaborate more.
    2. once tartamy is understood ,jeeveshabheda is natural outcome ,unless taratamya is understood to be unstable .
    i would love to start all over again on this topic.

  42. Sri Chiraan Avare, Namaskara!

    Thank you for your detailed explanation on various papa punyas. Could you please tell me what might happen when any of the papas you mentioned happen in a dream (swapna avastha) and not in jagruta avastha. Is it still counted towards papa? If so, will the prayaschittas suggested by you work for papas committed during dreams as well.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    V Narasimhan

  43. Shri Narsimhan avare ,
    namaskara ,
    Prayashchitta for svapna papa is reciting aghamarshana sukta immersed in water three times .

  44. Namaskara Shri Chiraan: Wish you and all your wonderful readers of this blogs siate a very happy 2009.
    Shri Chiraan avare: When time permits: What is the meaning of Harimarkatmahamarkatay that you have on your blog pages and can you provide any web references/notation to the Panchamukhi Praanadevuru and the orgin of the Pancha mukhas. Thanks.

  45. Namaskara Shri rao,
    Thanks for your good wishes and wish you all the same.
    Your question is a real difficult one.The meaning of Harimarkat mahamarkatay requires elaborate explanation of Vayu tatva ,else it will be easily misunderstood for Shiva ,or any superficial attempt will not do justice.
    It is the way Panchamukhi has been addressed in Sudarshan samhita .
    most popularly origin of panch mukhas are found in Shaiva puraanas only.
    it is symbol of bahurupa upasana taught by Shri raghavendra swamy to his chosen disciples.
    I shall first make a try to condense the matter and then present it in inteligible format without compromising the secrecy aspect of it.

  46. Shri Chiraan avare: Namaskara and Wish you a very happy new year. Couple of questions.
    1. Is it correct to translate the phrase "Harimarkatmahamarkatay" as "Hari is Market, the GREAT markat". With all due respect the use of the word market is not in the ordinary sense of the term but in a much more encompassing manner as postulated in the second point below.
    2. I heard that there are two approaches to the relationship of jeevas to Paramatma. The first one is "Maarjala" which is akin to the mother cat clutching its babies by its jaws and dropping them where ever she wishes. The second approach is "Markata" approach, where the babies clutch the mother monkey and simply go where ever the mother takes them. My question is if this approach is reflected in the phrase "HarimarkatMahamarkatey".
    3. Our own siddhanta of "Na aham kartha Harihi Kartha" - does this tie into either of the above approaches.

    A million pardons if what ever I am trying to communicate has not been said correctly or seems disrespectful - translating my thoughts into the foregin language of English is not an easy task and subject to wrong usage of words.

  47. Namaskar Shri Raghu ,
    wish you a very happy new year,
    Harimarkat - God's own dearest monkey,
    Mahamarkat - the greatest , mighty monkey .
    But relation between Hari and jeeva is that of Bimba -pratibimba , in real world , mirror reflects the self, however this reflection needs a medium called mirror .
    In bimba pratibimba , there is no medium [upadhi], jeeva himself is the upadhi and the reflection.
    as the reflection does not move by itself ,they only appear as doing things that the bimba does .
    however characteristics of reflection can change as per the type of the mirror.
    Most of us remember the mirror house in an exhibition where we can see ourselves elongated ,diminished or distorted in a various mirrors that are exhibited. so reflections change irrespective of our self being intact.

    As our mirror image is dependent on us for all the moment , so does Na aham karth harihi kartha reflect our dependence on God.

  48. One illustration is necessary to explain Harimarkatmahamarkatay.
    when Shri Hanuman brought the sanjeevani , everyone was praising him ,and he was extolled as the highest , but unattached to these praises ,Hanuman says, "its all the mahima of Shri Ram , if he had put his gracious palm on any ordinary monkey ,even that would have performed this act , he has put his grace on my head its only my fortune."
    because Ram has chosen Hanuman for this feat ,he is harimarkat .
    because Hanuman carried out this impossible feat with amazing ease , [also being the chosen one] ,he is Mahamarkatay.
    Hanuman brought the mountain in three nimisha , and did not go back to keep the mountain , he threw it with his left hand and it went back as earlier .
    But after this he prepared garland for Shri Ram and offered it to his master . For this he took 1-1/2 hour[one and hour hour] . magine a great job in battlefield 3 minutes and garland [pooja] one and half hour . That shows how important was Rampooja for Hanuman than his other obligations.
    [ we do exactly opposite , we spend less time in pooja graha perhaps negligible and more time in our duties and udaraposhana]Thus He is justly HARIMARKAT-MAHAMARKATAYA .

  49. Dear Sri Chiraan, Namaskara.

    Could you please tell me in which month should Seemantonnayana Samskara be performed as per Madhwa Sampradaya? Does this also involve a homam? I also read somewhere that at the onset of the 7th month, no devare pooje should be done. Is this true? Is there some asoucham even before the baby is born? Similarly, can the couple perform / participate in any homams and vratams after Seemantonnayana Samskara. Thanks in advance for your help.


  50. Shri Prabhanja Namaskar,
    According to sampradaya it is done in 7th month ,
    homa is done by guardians and parents of garbhini or her husband.
    6th month onwards no vrata ,homa participation.
    Devar pooja should be done till birth except ashoucham.
    ashoucham starts after naalchedan only[cutting of ublicalchord].
    one can perform jatah karma before naal chedan and after birth.
    this was done in olden days , since now a days birth is in hospitals this is not possible.

  51. Anonymous said...
    If God wanted Kaliyuga to start immediately after Mahabharata and eliminated (divine offsprings ) them in the name of war, left this world for the ordinary , and for kali to take over...then how Pandavas ruled for 35 years followed by Parikshit and his dynasty for next 1000 years?

    Was Raja Parikshit an ordinary person ? (I guess no as Arjuna was his Grand Father)


    January 4, 2009 10:02 AM
    chiraan said...
    Dear sir ,
    Kshatriyas have natural tendency to uphold Dharma [as per veda] , upon that if kshatriyas are from the lineage of devatas [as was in pre mahabharath era , almost entire devatas were born in kshatriya clan] , these would be spread in every part of the world and naturally their offsprings will also be strong and capable of halting speedy spread of kaliyuga. that way if there are everywhere mighty kshatriyas then Kaliyuga will not spread at all .
    so except Parikshit[devata kshatriya] everywhere else ordinary were ruling ,
    even for Parikshit Kali tricked him to get five places . during 35 years of Pandava rule kali and bali created havoc in the periphery of the earth for[ this was possible beause they had penetrated successfully in those countroies as rulers were weak.
    Bheemasena attacks them and brings them in captivity to Yudhisthira , Yudhisthira asks why havoc in his kingdom,
    kali says whose kingdom " this is my kingdom according to yuga dharma " you are going against yugdharma.
    Yudhisthira happy with his answer grants him pranadana and hey are captivated for 1000 years in a trunk , thus pandavs ruled 1000years . when kshemak out of curiosiy releases them , his kingdom fell down .
    thus Srikrishna allowed Kaliyuga to grow. and only one race Pandavas could still check its growth.

    January 4, 2009 2:16 PM

  52. dear sir ,


    can we remember our previous birth ?

    point behind this is im not satisfied with the way life has moved till now, cos i think i have not done harm to anyone for which i may suffer , i mean just try to understand sir , that in order to silent my unrest i can only think that for my sufferings may be my pra-rabdh is responsible , and thts y i would like to recall ... which cud pacify me that yes all which happened to me is justified.

    i may not be able to put words properly but the essence of question is
    how can we recall our previous birth?



  53. namaste ,
    yes we can remember past birth ,
    but we must thank almighty that he does not give us past birth memory. without detachment this will be a curse on to the human.
    all the sufferings are due to prarabdha and justified too .
    but justification is by celestial Law .so human may always dispute with it.
    Like karna suffers due to excess punya accumulated as Sugreeva in Ramayana [yet it is justified]. now an ordinary brain can never accept this fact . One can never know the ways of God fully.
    unrest in mind is due to 1.ignorance 2.diseases[chittaj] 3.sins
    properly undertaking remedies can reduce it totally , remedies are nothing but prayashchitta for past karma [ you can say they are the ways to pacify ].
    unrest is the urge to rectify.
    unrest is the prelude to abstaining from sin again.

  54. 1.Question regarding the Hindu milk miracle all around the world, I think the dates are September 21 1995; it is really interesting, what was the reason for this miracle? Was it just to show the world a miracle or was somebody special born on this day?

  55. namaste sir ,

    thanks for insight ...about past birth,very nice

    my mind is quiet on this issue , but would like

    to know something how to get rid of the evil effects of past dushkarma , and remedies undertaken for prayashchitta , w.r.t. kaliyug

    i mean ppl in earlier ages were steadfast,nd determined,they had enormous courage and will,we may find many in this yug even but i have not seen, so do i am not an exception with the run of the mill.

    thing is that our shastras purana and epics are ancient so i assume that remedies thr would have been relating to identity of that age's ppl , though atma may be unchanged but my mann is what i see around i.e. easy way out.

    please help.



  56. Milk miracle,
    Any incident should be analysed through inspection with the aid of shastras and pramanas .when this is not resorted to it is called superstition or blind belief , shastra do not permit such blind superstitious conclusions.

    Milk miracle happened on sept 21 1995 .
    let us analyse it.
    idols in the vicinity and temples are known to have gulped milk.
    as this is not a normal phenomena , that happens everyday , it can be termed as extraneous behaviour or observation. since idols of religious nature are involved ,these may arouse passion as well , when ignorant it may border to ecstasy and wonder.

    So the idols are manifestation of dieties ,so dieties must have drunk milk ! true or false ?

    Now what shastras say about it ?
    september 21 1995 or any year as such , falls as
    Bhadrapada krishna dwadashi according to sanatana panchanga.
    This is the period in chaturmasa vrata where dieties and humans observe Kshirvrata , this is compulsory , so all the dieties definitely observe . that means no one drinks milk in this period. MIlk is not offered as naivedya in temples where pancharatra , vaikhanas agamas are followed.

    So this cannot be a divine miracle.
    What was it then,
    according to nimitta shastra , when idols in temple behave oddly it foretells danger to the ruling KIng and his associates, It foretells unrest to the nation .the timing of events depends upon the horoscope of the day or devprashna of the temple.

    if dieties didnt drink due to vrata then who drank the milk ,
    two reasons may be allocated to it .
    1. Idols are not god , God chooses to reside in Idol if proper avahan and pran pratishtha is done. if not then any creature can take over the idol and enjoy offerings.[this is known as rakhshas apaharan]
    these may drink and do all erroneous activities.
    2. mass illusion [kautuk ]
    in the both events then the perpetrators were ignorant of shastras and hence unsuccessful in their attempt.
    God does not approve superstition and blind faith

  57. Shri narender ,
    question is interesting.
    Ans. shastras are different for different ages ,they are according to the people's capacity in that age. in kaliyuga shastra[dharma, prayaschitta etc prescribed by parashar rishi is held authentic. in other yugas other shastras are authentic like manusmriti in satya treta yuga ,it was not relevant in dwapar , apasthamba lomash smritis were authentic for dwapar ,
    ||kalau parashar matah ||
    parashar smriti is quiet liberal compared to manu and lomash .
    In general praying Sriraghavendra swamy is enough to get rid of mahapapas , he has set aside the very neccessity of prayaschitta by his power.
    Dharma shastra is more practical than todays prevailing law of the land. it will be foolish and out of igborance to term it as out of synce with times.

  58. 1. If one commits sins unknowingly does God forgive them?

    2. What prayers can reduce or get rid of sins?

  59. Hello,
    Thanks for the milk incident explanation, up until this day I thought it was some great miracle, but did not understand why it happened, as usually there are reasons for most things.

  60. The word ‘Nazar’ (evil eye) seems to crop up frequently in conversations especially when things go wrong for people. Sometimes it can get annoying because some people constantly go on about it and blame their bad events on that purely on that.

    Does ‘Nazar’ (evil eye) really happen? Or is it just some superstition or blind belief? If it really does happen, what are the real symptoms one would experience? Why has God let it be powerful where it harms people especially where people are innocent? Also there are several remedies and which effective method will remove this?

  61. Subject: Mataji and people getting possessed!

    Navrati is a good example to use, many people get possessed where their senses and actions, etc is not normal, people believe Mataji is in the person (the person who is possessed), some people will start praying to that person possessed because of the beliefs.People have all kinds of beliefs regarding this, positive or negative.

    I see this every year and hear of stories too so I have two minds about this and always wondered for many years and researched exactly what is the truth? I have not been able to find answers I have been looking for either and hope you can clarify.
    When this happens is it only a reaction somebody is having?
    Is it meant to be a good thing?
    Is it because that person possessed is a true devotee?

  62. Prayashcitta is only for those sins that are committed unknowingly , sins committed knowingly will have to borne consequences. they can be washed off by experience and knowledge.

    2. Ekadashi vrata wipes out all types of sins ,done knowingly and unknowingly.
    venkatesha stotra from bramhanada purana will wipe out sins
    "trikale yah patheth nityam papam tasya na jayate"

  63. Sins: Thanks for the answers.Can anybody chant the following

    "trikale yah patheth nityam papam tasya na jayate"

    if so, how many times a day is recommended?

  64. 1. Are people usually born in the same family again? is it true that in third generation families are re-untied again?

    2.If someone has been born a i.e Hindu and a certain caste, does that mean they have been previously and will be born in the future as that same religion and caste?

  65. dear sir,

    with refrence to my earlier question dt. 24dec.
    in your blog, you taught tht, (when somebody thinks bad about me , if it is justified ,i lose my punya , if it is not justified then the one who thinks shares my other sins andreduces my burden of undergoing its effect.)

    but when i think good about others, does it increase my punya?

    kindly enlighten even if the thinking isnt justified.



  66. Q1. Are people born in ........
    Birth in a family is due to runaanubandha, if you owe something to someone then you become a family in the next birth . but we take series of births to exhaust some previous punys , immediATE NEXT BIRTHS ARE NOT ON ACCOUNT EXACT PREVIOS BIRTH KARMA , IT COMES OUT OF VERY OLD KARMA. so need not be born in same family again.

    a half day upavasa[fast ] entitles one to stay in swarga for 1000 years ,then how can one reunite in just thrid generation say 100 years later. this can only happen if one has done karma suited only for enjoying on earth and not a single karma to either go to swarga or narak.
    chances are bleak , only people of arctic region are supposedly of this type.

    q2.people's caste and religion keeps changing as per karma .
    one achieves moksha only after becoming a bramhin and sanyasa after going through series of births through all the castes and animal births.
    so after acquiring human birth one must stop behaving like animals and try retain the birth in next cycle also.

    When Vayu came down to earth as monkey all the devatas were born as monkeys . tretayuga
    when vayu came down as Kshatriya [Bheema]all devtas came down to serve him as kshatriyas. dwaparyuga
    next in kaliyuga Vayu came down as Bramhin [Madhvacharya] all devatas came down as bramhins example [prahlad as Raghavendra swamy ] Dhruva as Sripadaraya ,Arjun as Jayatheertha , Narada as Purandara dasa , Bhrigu as Vijayaraya etc.

  67. stotras to get rid of sins can be found on this link elaborately

  68. NAzar evil eye Drishti dosha , all exist ,it would not be an exaggeration if it is said that 80% people suffer on account of these in our everyday life.
    Evil eye and possesion on account of Mata jagran etc are different.

    Evil eye can be best explained as influence of 256 types of goblins that exists onto humans , they occur when a person is either in extreme terrified condition or extreme ecstasy. If someone is filled wih extreme emotions of anger greed or passion ,he is a n easy target.
    the behaviour itself leads to nature of evil eye.
    Possesion is invasion of mind ,when one lets it to happen out of his own will or due to prarabdha on account of shapa .
    Divine beings do not possess ,if at all they do then person becomes extremely attractive and people around him find such people irresristible .
    when inferior beings invade people resort to histrionics.
    These normally subside by good meal or intimacy .
    one must stay away from such illusions.

  69. Pranam
    Thinking good about others is good karma it definitely increases punya provided it is done with a conviction that if given a chance such thouhts will be turned into action .

  70. Donating body parts, i.e Kidneys, blood, etc. Is this really allowed in Hinduism? is this actually a good thing if you do it while alive? What about when one donates after they pass away? because I thought the entire body has to be cremented.

  71. Donating body parts while alive to others is mahapunya because it is a kind of dana , but donating body parts after death is not allowed. As long as the body parts are available of dead ,it becomes difficult for the soul to leave peacefully. his attachments exists. These can be used to call back the owner.

  72. dear sir ,


    i read your note on evil eye,

    1. how to get away from it,if affected , and how can we avoid it in our day to day life.

    2. surrender to god ?? what is this ? is it surrendering karmas [good and bad both] ?



  73. Shri Chiraan avare, Namaskara.
    Your post on Karma Phala is very illuminating.
    A few questions though:
    1. If I were a selfish person, I would say Krishnarpana for all the bad things that I do and not say Krishnarpana when I do something good so that I retain the Karma phala. However most of us say Krishnarpana for most deeds; actually we probably dont say it while doing something bad. Can you explain your post with reference to this example.
    2. Is it OK to say Krishnarpanamasthu and what is the difference between this and Krishnarpana.
    3. Often your posts refer to soul with a male gender notation. I thought soul was gender neutral. Any reason why you call it is 'he' instead of 'it'.

    As usual apologies for asking silly questions but for me you are the one who is doing 'dheeyo yonah prachodayath' - so please continue your enlightening sessions.


  74. Shri Narender ,
    evil eye can be avoided by living life as per shastras , today most of the people have left those tenets and hence the problem,
    ex- never cross over a spit,bones,hair on a road . Never loiter around without having a bath . never let your legs unwashed after going to toilet. never share food in single plate . never leave hair unwashed after oiling , never get on with your daily work schedule staright from a barbers shop . never express openly deep sorrow or happiness. etc etc.

    surrender to God is thinking we are his slaves and all our actions are primarily by his ichcha.

  75. Shri Raghu Namaskaara,
    Questions are really tough .
    Technically krishnarpana absolves you of sins as well even .
    But what you give to lord comes back to you infinitely .
    1.If you say krishnarpana for good work then its phala comes bak to you infinitely , if dont say krishnarpana , it comes back to you per your conviction.
    2.if it is bad work .
    if there is no conviction in mind while doing the bad ,and you say krishnarpana ,it does not affect you [ the test for such act is there will be no guilt feeling even if you have done heinous crime]
    if there is no conviction in mind and you dont say krishnarpana ,you suffer the consequences as much as your partcipation in the act .
    if there is conviction and you say krishnarpana as a sense of deciet then you get it back in full without any control of yours and at the same time with full sense of misery.
    if there is conviction and you dont say krisnarpana you go to hell to obsolve your sins .

    krishnarpanamastu means let this be attributed to krishna
    krishnarpana means attributed to Krishna
    there is no difference.

    Souls do have gender , male soul is always male and female is always female there is never interchange of gender .
    But female souls are dependent on male eternally paired Soul for its moksha , it goes to moksha alongwith the male soul only untill then it waits .
    Thus mopst of the karma is done by male soul thus the ref: "He".

  76. Dear Chiran Avare,


    Could you please tell us the right procedure (as laid down by Sri Madhwacharya) for doing dwadasi parane? Should we break the fast within 72 minutes of sun rise? I also heard that the first quarter of Dwadasi and last quarter of Dasami is considered Harivasara and one should fast within that time. How does this reconcile with breaking the fast within 72 minutes of sunrise. If one quarter of Dwadasi has not yet elapsed within 72 minutes of sunrise, should we not break the fast then? Kindly explain the procedure as I am quite confused and want to know the proper method.


  77. Shri Ananth,
    Dwadashi on a normal day one can start at sunrise . The first teertha should be taken at sunrise.
    In case dwadashi first quarter extends beyond sunrise , that much period is also to be upavasa on a dwadashi .
    if dwadashy ends by just a second after sunrise then too one must complete parane within that second.

  78. dear sir ,

    namaste !!

    is thr any difference between quitting desires by way of compulsion,or impliedly?
    for eg. due to medical restrictions
    or for eg.
    a rich person have all the luxries and he knows the pleasure of enjoyement from such items, but when he controlls his mind from plush amenities to attain dethachment,probably he is leading towards realisation of god... but what is the case of a poor man who suppose havent seen such luxuries, never enjoyed them , and cant even desire to own or use them, and he by way of automatic absitence controlls his mind to detach himself from such wordly affairs, is there any difference in their efforts? or both bear the same effect or result to realise...god[ even if its an iota of progress].



  79. Hello!

    I am trying to understand and put praying practices in a correct way. Many people have different answers, so I thought of asking you, as you are very knowlegable,etc.

    Can you please advise on ligthing Diva`s.

    1. Diva times: My understanding is one can light Diva`s in morning 5am-10.30am, or 5pm to 7.30pm.

    2. If one light incense sticks at least two should be done?

    3. Should one light 2 Diva`s in one day? or lighting one is fine?

    4. When praying and chanting Gods name do you start with 'Jay' or 'Shri'? or doesnt matter?

    Thank you in advance

  80. Shri Narender,
    Restriction of senses through will power is not detachment. Forcefull restriction of senses towards the desires is nowhere recomended . Infact such a feat is not possible as even though physical body is restricted once mind indulges in such enjoyments of pleasures . Such a state is known as hypocratic. It is abhored more than the physical indulgence ,dhongi sadhus face hell for the same.

    now when due to medical condition one restricts or one restricts due to inability [owing to overindulgence of rich] or restriction due to poverty .
    in all three cases desires have not been won.
    Desires are won only by knowledge and not by mere practise. when one comes to an understanding that desires and its fulfillment are always temporary and one is bound to lose everything earnes on the earth in course of time, beauty , wealth ,kingdom and life etc. nothing is permanent ,only thing that is permanent is our good karma and persuit of moksha !
    then one stops pursuit of desires.
    then when one gets the desired , he does not get elated and excited , when the desired is nopt obtained he is not particularly upset or makes a extra effirts to gain them.
    in short , sense and sense obects interact freely but yet they do not impact the mind of the person [there is no restriction forceful or otherwise circumstantial etc] .
    this is detachment , this leads to God and not mere restriction of senses by force in the name of control of mind and senses.

  81. Sir,
    Diva can be lit as many as you can , there is no restriction , if you have a nanada deep one is fine . but other deepa cannot be lit one ,more than one is required. and as many as you can.In fact on kartik poornima 1 lakh diyas are lit .

    incense should be lit only if you are offering naivedya [prasad] , without naivedya incense should not be lit. [prasad should not be cooked one or fried one, they should be either sugar ,dry fruits etc should be given in proper manner else it does not recah God but taken away by rakshasas, then it will be akin to feeding rakshasas than God ]
    incense should made of powdered dashanga choorna ,or agar etc . This powder should be pur on burnt coal or cowdung , such fumes are called as incense .
    incense stick that one uses is prepared in agum and other prohibited substances , they cannot qualify as Dhoop , using them will give sin .
    nonetheless if properly prepared without using adhesives then you can use two or more.

    diva can be lit all the time .

    God's name should be taken as it is , using anything before or after raises it to the level of mantra ,and then restrictions of mantra follows.

    kindly give your name to identify the questions , why would one like to ask questions stealthily !One should be proud of discussing religion,culture and God.

    Interesting is your opening line " knowledgeable etc" this 'etc' is interesting!!!

    your question was beautiful , infact I will follow it up with a post from Purana where each act of Lighting diya incense gives how much punya is told marvelously by Sage Markandeya !!!!

  82. Namaskara Shri Chiraan avare: Let me at the outset express my joy to see you back to post information that is illuminating and rich.

    My question is perhaps a bit generic. In your opinion, what is the most important advice given by our Jagad Guru Shri Madhvacharya. For example, if some one were to ask me that question, I would say that the most important thing I learnt from our Acharya's writings is: "Preenayamo Vasudevam". I believe that all our actions should be directed to pleasing the Supreme Lord Shri Hari.

    I am interested in knowing your thoughts on this subject.

  83. Shri Raghu Avare ,
    Thank you for your encouragement and kind comments.
    As regardings single most teachings of Madhva is without doubt " jeeva eesha Bhedha " and "Vayu Jeevaottamatva "
    I mention this as personal exerience and supported by words of Shri TrivikramPanditacharya
    The other shastras are like karkasha , when in bewilderment [not knowing the Madhva siddhanata] get into the grip of itar shastra , as a good soul you believe in them and practise with sincerety the tenets of dushastra . { almost all shastras attach importance to bhakti} but practise of the tenets takes away bhakti out of you.
    They create uneasyness of mind , throwing innumerable irrestive thoughts and uncompromising conflicting dharmasankata !
    Thus you are in a state of karkash [ trivikramacharya's words], this karkash is unbearable , No amount of riches , happiness or pleasures can remove or put to rest these karkash thoughts. For a intellectual troubling thoughts if not put to rest creates untold miseries.It gives sleepless nights . You cannot convince your mind , itar shastra do not give answers , Aah what a agony!!!
    In such a state of mind , by the grace of God and Mukhyaprana when Madhva shastra comes into your hand or through shravana , it gives a sense of relief and immense joy , that words cannot express , the karkash vanishes.
    With every tenet you get happiness and Bhakti automatically follows.
    But even here Kali troubles by attacking your mind and reasning but when you become firm with Vayu jeevottamatva , and take shelter in him more than Vishnu{ no exageeration] Kali stops troubling you he runs away. And you become an ardent Devotee of Shri Mukhyaprana for the trouble he has relieved you , none could have done so; And the assurance that this would not revisist , allows to peacefully continue with "Preenayamo Vasudevam"

  84. Truly it is known as Madhva - Madhu Va ;
    Madhu means Happiness Va means Knowledge
    Knowledge of Happiness ;
    Happiness of removing karkash [ absence of wrong tenets]
    Happiness - the ultimate state of Moksha [presence of correct knowledge]
    Happiness of Grace of Vishnu
    Happiness of being protected by the mighty and invincible.

  85. Namaskara Shri Chiraan avare: This question relates to the actions of the Supreme Lord; especially in the context of Mahabharatha. The Supreme Lord Shri Krishna knows in advance everything about every one. However at times He protects and at times He lets things happen. For example, He protected Arjuna several times but He allowed Abhimanyu to perish. He protected Pandavss at the expense of Upa-Pandavas who were killed by Ashwatthama. So, the question is why did He allow a great warrior like Abhimanyu to be killed in such a non-dharmic manner? Why did He permit the death of Upa-pandavas who were probably totally innocent?

    Sincere apologies for asking a foolish question.

  86. This is a really tough question to answer , God's ways are indeed beyond capacity to coprehend fully as dasaru says ," tiliyado ninnata tirupatiya venkata" .... But I will try my level best to give some opinion.

    Narayana does not benefit or lose in any of his actions in either supporting or denigrating a jeeva. He does everything for the udhdhara of the jeeva so says shastras. His actions are for totally the benfit of the soul.
    Also acts are in accordance with the karma of the jeeva.
    Abhimanyu was Angad in Ramayana . He had done punya more than his capacity or limit. Adhik punya is undesired [ adhik punya than yogyata] and is hinderance to MOksha. Thus God allows this punya to be destroyed by getting these souls jeeva to act against him in the next births like [ karna , Balraa etc] or gets them to do acts which would cause extreme anger on the god and reduce their punya.Abhimanyu's killing caused punya of karna , drona and others to nullify.
    Upapandavas were killed because pandava race was not needed to continue. They were maruts and maruts were already taken births as udhdhav, dhritrashtra ,pandu etc , they had completed their sadhana and as upapandavas tehy had only to exhaust the runanubanda with pandavas.
    Protection of Arjuna has a philosophical meaning, Arjuna is shravan manan dhyana, God ensures that jeeva's shravan manan dhyana is undisturbed by the tacts of duryodhana and others[vipareetha gyana and agyana].

  87. The question can also be answered in this manner, Mahabharatha is extension of Ramayana , the characters who fell short of sadhana in ramayana completed in Mahabharata , like Arjun had extended role in Mahabharata but limited in Ramayana as Vali. Sugreeva had excess role in ramayana but was spurned as Karna in Mahabharata. Angad had completed his work in Ramayana itself , thus made only special appearance in Mahabharata as Abhimanyu.
    so on and so forth

  88. Shri Chiraan avare: Namaskara. Your write ups on Shri Shri Shri Sushmendra teertha was very nice and thank you for sharing your personal experinces with him.

    I have a question about Avataras and Amshas. How is it determined that a person is the amsha or avatara of another person in a different lifetime? For example, what is the basis on which one can say that Shri MTLM swamiji was an amsha of Shri Bichhale Appanacharya or what proof one can provide that our GREAT Rayaru is an avatara of Shri Vyaasaraaja teertha. Can you enlighten us on this aspect please. Thanks.

  89. Namaskar Shri Raghu avare ,
    Thank you indeed for the comments , but before answering your question ,I would like share some of my thoughts and anguish ,
    since past three days there has been a thousands of hits exclusivesly on sushameendra teertha's write up apart from several on my blog , most of these in hundred were through search term " Sushameendra " on google . while this was a heartening to know that so many netizens are aware of swamiji and were eager to search for him and his news on the internet . but what was saddenig was not a single person left a note or shared his moments , association thoughts on any of the sites where the information about the seer was put up . while sites in UAE abhudhabhi etc where there are scores of comments condolences from non hindu community ,who perhaps didnt even knew him .
    is our community experiencing so badly a lack of communication , vigour or do they fall short of expression , Does madhva community ceased to be lieterate enough to participate in forum that is exclusively their's .
    not a single epression about the sad demise of perhaps most loved seer in recent times as people keep saying individually . or perhaps we do not have a net culture .
    Even on astrology site people are more interested in knowing their personal fortunes and eloquent about it none even express their view s doubts [ with you as exception sir,] and make an attempt to enhance etc etc . there have been more than 300 posts by now on our tatva ,seers ,
    I am seriously thinking whether the blog is accomplishing any purpose or is being reduced to narcisism.

  90. Shri Raghu avare ,
    Your question is very interesting. But before arriving at the answer , we must know what constitutes a realtion between a guru and shishyas [ shishyavrunda] .In todays world , guru shishya pramapara ceases to exist . so people start their spiritual journey by first hand experience peace and prosperity through temple visits , then fasting etc , listening to shahtra , intense study , tapas , japa , vrat niyama ,yoga so on so forth .
    This forms the first stage , after crossig this , you enter a new realm .
    there are seven such new realms each more interesting than the other.
    On the seventh realm , when during one such intense practise [spiritual] , The sadhak gets a vision of all his p revious lives , he can know parents , relations ,of his all previous lives . [ Bhagavdgeeta bhashya , patanjali yoga sutra s vashishta samhita ,all are testimony to this]
    Then comes very different realm that of a aparoksha gyani , he not only knows about himself but also about others around him .
    because , aparoksha gyani sees not the person or thing but the presence of GOd in it , as one speaks he sees a the bimba speak and not the person , he sees the tatavedevatas and not the body ,
    Our chitta and smara are divided into two parts , one consists of "sadyojat smar vikar " and other janmantar sanskar . When you have an access to this smar chitta , then even you can know what you were in your previous birth .
    Thus when two such people who are aware of smar and chitta sanskaras or those who have conquered udaan vayu , can easily say who is who?
    These people when moving around in real life out of affection , friendship and worldly interactions and attachements or sometimes out of pure thrill joy of discussion , spell out such amshas and aveshas . the gathering records it , and it becomes popular.
    Purandar das , Vijay dasaru , these have delared Vyasa teertha as Prahalad ,
    Jagannath dasaru has declared Rayar as Prahald,
    " KHuLLA Hiranyak nalli janisida Prahaladanu tanu illiha namma , Tunga teeradi nintasu yativar yare kelo ammayya "
    Vyasarayaru has written, " dasar andare purandar dasar ayya , vasudev krishnana susi pujisuva putatma purandar dasra ivarayya " , here vyasaraya has declared urandar dasaru as aparoksha gyani . thus his words on amshas and aveshas can be taken for granted.

    I have written what i have been listening to in my childhood . [EVery evening as a child from the age of six to nine , sitting in lap of grandson of the famous seer of Utaradi mutt ,i used to listen to various puranas and tatva ] The learned should take it with hansakshir nyaya .

  91. I was just reading your site as I find all the articles interesting and learn from them, etc. I read the news about your Guruji that you have published and paying my respects.

    I am truly sorry & sad to hear that, you are a great help to all who approach you (without asking for nothing in return), with your Guruji being a big influence in your life and you helping and guiding others, no doubt he has helped others indirectly,
    I am very thankful to God that I have come across you, and words are not even enough to say thanks.

    Referring to your blog,‏

    When I read the news about your Guruji, it did cross my mind about being selfish, and being engrossed in own problems, realising the world doesn’t just revolve around that. We should be grateful there are great people showing the correct way of life, etc rather than being only concerned about selfish motives.

    Thanks for sharing the information and personal experiences, the information is very interesting. Before I came across you I could not even answer a simple question despite comming from a fairly cultural background. Once a friend of a different religion asked me who is the main God in Hinduism, I was blank and embarassed my answers were not confident.

    It would be very interesting to know anymore stories, if theres anymore, about your Guruji (special moments, key highlights), his influence on teaching religion, etc.

    Thanks in advance


  92. Hello!

    There are various views on yoga, from personal experience I also find it hard to get motivated. Kindly tell us about yoga, the role it plays in Hinduism? Importance if any?

    Does yoga really work? or is psychological?

    Thanks in advance


  93. World creation:

    I have already seen your article on apes etc. ‘Scientifically’ people say the world was created i.e. via ‘big bang’, apes, and dinosaurs, etc. I don’t agree with this.

    Apologies in advance if the questions are irrelevant and not appropriate for this blog.

    You might have already covered the following questions and I may have missed it, but can you please tell us about the world creation.

    1. When & how were humans and creatures/animals, etc created (did somebody request this?)

    2. Is it correct that there are 33, 000 Hindu Gods & Goddesses?

    3. Planets, I am aware one has to pay for their Karma (Good or Bad), etc and planets play a role in a number of ways. Is it true that if planets did not exist all people would be rich, happy, etc and would not pray to God?



  94. Ms Sonu,
    Your questions are very interesting ,
    1.Yoga is a spiritual pursuit of highest kind, if it is practised with sole aim of gaining health ,then it remains only a exercise to strain the body . But when accompanied with knowledge and pranayama it becomes a upasana.
    all the superhuman qualities can be achieved only through yoga.
    infact everysuccessful person employs yoga knowingly or uknowingly while excelling.
    The best players always hold themselves in kumbhak at the crucial moment [ though they may not be aware of it] , best fighters breath in right patterns to excel in a duel .
    Even a normal man when he is in his peak [every person has his best days /moments],when we analyze that we understand he has a different body language at those times . This comes through a pattern of breathing [which becomes natural to him at peak] . But if one consciously employs such pattern he/she will always be successful .



  96. Draupadi ahalya tara tara mandodari are panchakanya
    Vali's wife tara and bruhaspati's is included as two taras .

    Firstly the two mentioned were not married to their brother in laws , but they existed as subservient to the brother in laws as according to the laws of the land in that era .

    As according to the laws in previous yuga , a widow had to resort to sanyasa or be subservient to the local king .

    WHy were they so chaste ! because they had a special characteristic known as nitya kanyatva. That rendered them chaste . As far as their subservience whenever they had to be under somebody GOD HAS ENSURED Bramha and Vayu to be especially present in Sugreeva ,chandra , pandavs Indra etc to alleviate the possibility of fallout of dharma .
    Women dont become unchaste by the touch of wind light or water , as these are everyday occurence in every womans' life . So also woman dont become unchaste by the touch of Vayu , Indra , Varuna ,agni etc . As these are very wind ,light ,water etc .themselves.

    There is many more aspect to this discussion , but elaborate knowledge of tattvas and Devatas are required to explain them . it is beyond the perception of common man .

    There are different vidyas and lakshan shastras differ for humans on earth to gandharvas , siddha , Devatas , and Jano tapo satya lokawasis in other lokas.

    When this shastra is known then this doubt automatically dissappears .
    But most of the people are not aware of manushya lakshan shastra itself properly , so Deva vidya is out of scope .

    For example , everybody knows there can be only 72 ragas , but Dev gandharva includes some notes never heard by humans , Krishna is supposed to have played certain notes never heard by Shiva himself in Krishnavatar venugan prasanga.

    So one must not tether into Dev vyapara and comment or form any opinion . Krishna's words on Panchkanya can be taken without doubt/

  97. Sir, With regards to the Dasha Avataars of Lord Vishnu, is Balarama one of the avataars of Vishnu or is it Buddha who is the Avataar of Vishu. If it is Buddha is it Gauthama Buddha, If not can you please give more details of the Buddha avataar. Reason for this question is because Balarama is depicted as one of the Dashaavataar in some of the temple i had visted, whereas Gauthama Buddha is depicted in some of the temples

  98. Hello!

    I don`t know if the following has been already covered, but I have not come across it.

    If there is a reason, I am interested to know why is the number 108 significant? Malas usually come in 108 beads, some chanting is done 108 times, etc. Also does it have anything to do with ones heartbeats?

    Thanks in advance


  99. Balarama carries the amsa of the Lord Narayana sprung from his white hair and from dark hair Krishna avatar has been manfested . Balarama is basically shesha avatar with Narayana amsa to teach BHEEMA the gada yudha .Sesha being inferior to VAyu cannot become his Guru , so Narayana shwetakesi becomes Balarama , krishna kesha manifests as Vaasudev.

    Budhdha is not Gautam budhdha , Budhdha was born to Tripurasur who was born as King ,He had done tapasya and was given immortality till his wife all are on the right path .
    From then on all the subjects were leading a vedic path and demons as they were not entitled to Moksha , it was necessary to deviate them from right path .
    So lord took birth as his Son . As soon as preists were called to do vedic sanskara [ rituals] , the new born baby started laughing loudly , amused all the people , bramhins and King asked Him why he was laughing , " the baby said , he considered them to be all fools in following something silly and unnecessary without any purpose . He declared Vedas to be false .
    Furious at this , Indra and all the dieties appeared and attacked the new born , with their celestial weapons . the Baby swallowed all the weapons and dieties ran away . The people around believed that the baby was more powerful then all the 33 crore dieties put together . SO they decided to folow him , the baby preached non vedic teachings , came to be known as budhdha .
    Following it all the demons and his family and kingdom went to hell fallen from the righteous path .
    This way Lord vanquished Tripurasur .

  100. Ms sonu ,

    Though being in europe your awareness in the Hindu shastras is commendable .

    108 , tis figure is arrived by 9 X 12 =108 ;

    9 planets 12 rashis zodiac form the astrology . any act is done to either mitigate or ensure the desire . such things are possible only when 9 planets agree to give good results in their movement all through 12 signs .
    to beget allround happiness 108 times chanting is done .

  101. Also there are 108 main nadis in the body which control entire body its happiness and unhappiness . Lord resides in these nadis o regulate our activities , thus if each of this form is prayed , good results are ensured .

    108 nadis are ,
    navel 1
    guda 1
    linga 1
    back 2
    chest 2
    legs 10
    hands 10
    heart 32
    mouth 1
    tongue 2
    eyes 2
    nose 2
    ears 2
    head 37
    total 105
    Ida Pingla Sushumna 3
    Total 108 nadis.

  102. In my post latest ,SSG-9 , I have mentioned about "svavarnaashramochita karma " .

    This is a very interesting topic . It seems absurd as today almost karma or occupation are no longer caste based . Varna based .
    Ashram dharma has also dwindled . In such scenario why the saints are still insisting on swavarnashramochit vyayahar karma , and attribute it to Lord and not other karmas .

    This point becomes more pronounced when reading GEETA intensely . GEETA is full of reference to varna and ashrama .

    what is the route of Varna and ashrama dharma ? why is it necessary ? what is its importance ?

    To a general person , a common man it makes no sense . as it comes across as a common distribution of work in the society . Later turned into hype .

    But a when discussed from spiritual point of view its importance oozes out ! let's examine !

    Geeta strongly stresses that KArma should be done without desires !

    SO i take these words seriously as KRISHNA instructs me to do so.
    SO next moment I am desire less . so what's next . WHy should I do any work . I have no desires . I dont intend to earn money ! I dont desire to Protect the kinsmen ! I dont desire to serve others as well . I dont desire to appease dieties , as I dont desire boons ! I dont desire longevity as I have no desire to live !

    So now AM I right ? Whatever I am prompted to do is desire , but Lord says no desires . so what should be my motivation ?

    Lord Krishna says your motivation should be to appease me !
    SO what should I do to appease/please you ? How should I know it ! where can i get these instructions ! oh Lord you are not visible , everybody else asks to do something for his own selfish end .
    EVerywhere is desire ruling ! How can I stay away from desire and yet attain your grace and Please you .

    The answer is I cannot just anything I desire as my selfish end and say oh Lord be Pleased with IT !
    SO Lord has set the VArna and ashrama Dharma and instructed that adherence to this will please him . SO one need not sit quiet and waste time pondering over what is right or wrong , but accomplish what is ordained as his duties according to birth and age.

    Such karma only pleases LORD .

  103. Acharyare, I am very much interested to do meditate on Chakras. Is there any good book as per MadhwaCharyare Vidhana? I have done Reiki 2 levels. Kindly advise me.

    B.Raghavendra Char
    06th May 1958 Tadipatri 10.15 a.m. Jesta IVth

  104. As Guru Raghavendra has got the darshanam of Lord Rama,Krishna,Shiva,Hanuman & Goddess Saraswathi.Whether praying only to Guru Raghavendra is equal to praying to all the Lords whose anugraha has been received by Guru Raghavendra.

  105. I am asking some of the questions here in this blog which i had actually posted in your astrology blog.

    I realised those questions are not directly related to astrology and hence posting them here for the benefit of serious readers of the blog

    Respected Guruji

    1.Please enlighten us about savanaga rishi from whom descendants belonging to savanaga Gothra are present in our population?

    2.Carbon dating studies, archeological evidence and study of evolution shows Dinosaurs and similar creatures lived in earth 160 million years ago.Modern humans originated 200000 years ago.

    we know the birth of Avatars of Rama and Krishna are very recent when compared to them.

    Was there any avatar which concurred with the age of dinosaurs in antiquity?

    Did all avatars of Mahavishnu happen in civilsed Human (cultural yugas or TImes)only?

    3.Is there a seperate celestial being (entity)called Kal under the kingdom of Yama?

    4.Most of the saints suffer from and die due to cancer?is there any reason for this?Does that mean they take up on them the sufferings of others?

    5.why rishis are given different titles like


    what is the their importance ?

    6.s lord ayyapan really a Brahmacharya?There is a deity called Pushkala Devi belonging to a caste called sowrashtra who married Lord ayyapan and even today every year marriage of Lord-ayyapa and Pushkala devi is carried out at Aryankavu.

    which of the above is true?is there any approximate dating of the lifetime of Lord ayyapa?

    7.Can u please enlighten us regarding the various faces seen in Vishwaroop of Mahavishnu as depicted in paintings and art forms

    It would be nice if you can list the name of the faces and their importance so as to appear in the vishwaroop or be part of it among so many living beings,devatas etc .

  106. Namaste,

    I'd like to know the answer to this little question of mine.
    Does Hinduism support polygamy (men marrying more than once)? If no then why did Lord Balaji and sRI Krishna go out with more than one woman?

    And also Guruji is widow marriage acceptable in our Dharma? I think it isnt

    And guruji why is Draupadi called maha pati vritha even though she was married to 5 men?

    Kindly enlighten me.


  107. Namasthe Guruji,

    I have a few questions.Kindly bear with my ignorance.
    1) Is Polygamy (men marrying more than once) permitted in Hinduism ?

    2)Is widow remarriage acceptable in our Dharma?

    3)How is Draupadi called Maha PathiVritha even though she was married to 5 men?

    Kindly enlighten me


  108. Namasthe Guruji,

    I have a few questions.Kindly bear with my ignorance.
    1) Is Polygamy (men marrying more than once) permitted in Hinduism ?If no then why did Lord Balaji and Sri Krishna have more than woman in their lives?

    2)Is widow remarriage acceptable in our Dharma?

    3)How is Draupadi called Maha PathiVritha even though she was married to 5 men?

    Kindly enlighten me


  109. Namaskara Chiraan garu,

    Iam doing VishnuSahasranama and lalitha namam pathanam. Problem is i try to put my concentration on the God, but some time in between iam deviating from concentration and started to think of something else. How to get rid of this and gain concentration. And also let me know if i wont gain punya with out that concentration. Please advise. Also i heard that in kali yuga chanting God's name alone gives moksha !

    with pranams,SaiKrupa

  110. i am very sorry to tell you that i didn't get the answer to my question about panchakanyakal.hopes for a better answer as i want it for passing the right informatoins to my students.will you be kind enough to tell me when and where should i search for the right information.

  111. Guruji, pranam!

    I am extremely disturbed for past few years and would like to know what prayshchit I can do to salvage myself of the mahapaap I have committed. I had an argument with someone and my mother kept on coming in between and in a fit of rage, I, unintentionally hit my mother. I immediately asked for her forgiveness and many times after that, but, I have never been at peace with myself again. Is there any prayschit at all for this heinous sin?

  112. read tulasi stotra and take a pledge that it would not be repeated

  113. Guruji somebody had asked u a query here that " If tamasic and rajasic are predestined ,what is motivation for betterment? "
    You had replied
    "even God does not want them strive for betterment, because it is not their nature, they by nature seek unhappiness. "

    Guruji does that mean rajasik and tamasic sould never achieve moksha?

  114. Hello Sir,

    I have a question regarding taratamya (Madhwa siddnatha).

    As per the taratamya rudra devaru will come after Garuda, Shesha. Rudra devaru is considered as manoniyamaka and one of the members of trimurthi's (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara). what is the reason for rudra devaru being after garuda and shesha and how this taratamya is calculated.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sreenivas Kaushik

  115. rudra devaru is not after garuda sesha ...he is equivalent to them in tartamyaa ... only thing is RUDRA becomes SESHA in next cycle so in terms of seniority sesha has been given first place ... as sesha retires into moksha .. rudra is still left with some more service ...

  116. namaskar sir,

    i am a 19 yr old boy.Sir is chotthi umra main bhi maine kai bar paap kiye hai like buri videos dekhna etc
    i want to get rid of them but mahine main 1 ad bar galti kar hi jata hu
    sir kuch aisa bataiye jo mai is buri adat se hamesha ke liye duur ho jaun

  117. namaskar sir,

    sir hame bhakti badane ke liye sabse saral marg batiye jo is kalikal main har koi kar sake

  118. Dear Sir,
    You had mentioned in one of your earlier answers that "The charachteristics of soul are inherent , neither created nor destroyed, even God does not create them". Since nothing can exist without HIM, how does this soul get these characterstics (good, bad etc). Isnt GOD (Lord Vishnu) responsible in 'giving' these attributes to these souls ? What I do not understand is that if HE knows which souls are deemed to go to hell and which are fit to be uplifted ? Does he just create them so that others learn from them ?
    My questions -
    1. How does soul get created ?
    2. What is soul made of ? (energy, light ?)
    3. How does soul gets these attributes ?

    Please enlighten us with your knowledge.

    Best Regards

  119. souls are not created ... if LORD VISHNU creaes them they He will become partial LORD to have created some souls to suffer .. which is not what vedas says .. it says LORD is most merciful and impartial ... so SOULS are anaadi beginingless ... as LORD exists without beginning so also soul and they are of different natures .. GOD knows their inherent nature .... souls are reflections of LORD ... as lord exists timelessly so also his reflections ..
    soul is made of knowledge and happiness ..
    all atrributes are nothing but mere knwoledge ..

  120. Dear sir,
    what should we do to bring krishna bhakti in our life

  121. Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for your response. I always have read that everything is created by Lord Vishnu and you say(Vedas say) that they existed since the beginning of time. What happens during the Pralaya then ? Does all the souls gets destroyed ? Sorry for repeating my questions. I guess I am not able to articulate my questions regarding the confusion about this concept in our philosophy. Any reading materials that you suggest for me to go thru' ?

    Thank you for your time.

  122. Dear Sir

    Shiva is worshipped in the linga / yoni form . Why is it so ? People attribute the shape to re-productive organs , which I feel may not be corrcet ? Can You pl throw some light on how linga worship started ? What pramanas are there to support this ?


  123. Dear Sir
    I am told that Videsha Prayana is not permitted in our shastras. I am a Government employee and have been asked to visit London on official purposes. I will have to be there for atleast 15 days. What exactly is the position of Shastras in this connection? KIndly intimate the source for your explanation. As an employee, I should respect the orders of the Government. I am under extremely strenuous situation. Please held me.

  124. I appreciate your question ...

    first let us understand what is banned in shastras ...
    shastras lay emphasis on dwijatva .. dwijatva should be maintained at all costs ... once dwijatva is lost one becomes vrata .. vratya do not have any rights to yanya homa and other pooja and sadhana ..
    vrata is treated as vedabahya ..[ till prayashcitta ]
    now what is vrata ... one who has continuously defaulted on the sanskaar ie like sandhyavandana ...
    2> one also becomes vraata by doing akshamya aparadha whcih does not have any prayashchitta
    3> one stays without prayashcitta for a prolonged period after commiting some acts which renders him impure asuchi //

    what are the acts that render one impure permanently asuchi ...
    not doing sandhyavanda for three consecutive sandhyas ..
    mletcha sambhashana
    mletcha stree gaman ..
    chanadaalaadi sparsha
    nitya rajaswala sparsha
    nitya shudranna bhakshana
    mingling with panchapatakis
    eating with panchapaataki

    what are panchapataka ?

    now commiting above sins renders one asuchi ...
    one needs to do prayashcitta for shuddhi only then one becomes eligible for karmas else he is vrata ..

    now in olden days .. the only way by which one would travel to distant land was by sea ... now sea water is not fit for sandhya .. sea journey will be usually over months .
    so for over months one would be without proper sandhya for many days rendering him asuchi beyond repair ..
    thus samudraprayaana was prohibited ...

    now london is completely connected land to our land ... and your travel is by air ... there may not be sandhya lopa if you are equipped for it ..

    but next is mletch sambhashana mletch gamana .. earlier cannot be avoided ..
    so asuchi is 100%
    panchapatak is way of life in mletcha lands .. and eating and mingling with them renders panchapaatak dosha to us as well
    so this dosha will also come ..

    so auschi and vratyatva is way of life ..

    the answer to this is YOU MUST GO .. try to eat good food , maintain dwijatva .. and complete your work .. do as much sambhashana as is required for the work ... and in the evening everyday .. recite vishnusahasranaama .. and do manas sandhya .. snana and vishnu kshamapana stotra pathana ..

    after fifteen days when you come back .. do 1000 gayatri japa .. vratyastoma homa .. and resume your activuty after three days of fasting and sleeping in open air viewing nakshatras ...

    this prayaschitta will give back dwijatva ..
    and you can continue // mind is more important than body .. if you keep your mind focussed and in suchi ..remembering the contents of this post .. you will be always in suchi ..

    SO there is no ban on VIDESHA PRAYAANA as such .. ban is on panchapaatak dosha that is associated with it .. by the influence of kali if there is mletcha stree gamana then the prayashchitta is even more ..
    amd recovery chances are nil .. But all this is subject to yogyata of the adhikaari who is going to the foreign land .. a yogi can always be free from sins due to his earlier tapasya ... and carrying out work which you cannot avoid is known as prarabdha .. and one should not feel twitched by prarabdha ... SO YOU CAN GO TO LONDON ON GOVT ASSIGNMENT ..
    GOVT always has VISHNU AMSHA .. assignment is VISHNU ADESHA .. and there is nothing wrong in carrying it out ..
    YOU will not incur any dosha as long as you remain in your moto of dharma ..

  125. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for enlightening me..It has greatly relieved my tension.!!

  126. poojaneeyamaina gurugariki,

    can you kindly clarify so as to how govt has vishnu amsha ?

    also what is the prayaschitta for spilling retas voluntarily

    regards karthik