Tuesday, November 4, 2008


God is embodiment of only auspicious qualities. His body is made of joy and knowledge (gnyanandmaya deha). When someone hates him ,he begets unhappiness.[you hate happiness so,you must be unhappy]. There are nine types hate that a soul undertakes

  1. thinking unity among god and soul
  2. thinking God as incomplete and with defects (like helplessness)
  3. thinking God as nirguna
  4. thinking about self as eqal and greater than God
  5. Thinking about avatar as having human bodies
  6. doubting on avataras about their truth.
  7. thinking avataras as different from God vishnu
  8. hating vedas (not accepting them)
  9. hating vishnu bhaktas

any bhakti mixed with these above feelings does not bring results.When such hate is absent completely , it is called Amalabhakti. Devatas have by nature amala bhakti. Amalabhakti leads to aparoksha gyana.


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