Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Vairagya is a state of mind where mind detaches itself with the actions of indriyas. What is detachment? is relinquishing of sense objects detachment? No.

Senses organs, sense objects have natural tendency to attract each other. senses flow towards sense objects. eyes wander to see things around. ears listen to sounds,tongue ravishes good taste etc. But however these cannot be stopped from their natural activities. Senses act with the activation of the gnyanendriyas  to consume shabd,sparsh,roop,gandha,rasa. Mind undergoes deformation (vikaar)due to these actions. Due to vikaar we form "vasana ",ahankar etc.this leads to repeated samsaar. Vikaar also distorts gnyana ,giving rise to mithya gyana .  vikaar makes senses to repeatedly go after sense objects and diverts manas from knowledge. This vikaar can be nullified only through vairagya. This must be practised everyday. Adhyayan and abhyasa are the only means to increase vairagya . Vairagya cannot be achieved by abandoning senses. or controlling senses by brute force. Such an act will lead to hypocrisy . Hypocricy of abandoning externally the sense activities and keeping sensual enjoyments at full throttle at mental level. This is kapat vairagya. When one realises that all his activities are controlled by Lord and his will , when one completely understand that he is dependent only then vairagya is achieved.


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