Sunday, November 16, 2008


Om has three syllables ,A /U /M its elaboration is Vyahruti.Vyahruti elaborates into Ashtakshara .Ashtakshara further interprets to Gayatri. Gayatri gives rise to Purushsuktha. From Purushsuktha emanates entire Vedas.

Purushsuktha is very special in vedic literature as it appears in all the rig,yajus,sama and atharva . Bramha prays Narayana  to take Krishnavatara with Purushsuktha. Bhagavata mentions Narayana avatara of Purusha as the first incarnation. There are three Purusha incarnation:

  1. one who has created Mahatatwa
  2. one inside the Bramhanda
  3. one that resides in all of us.

Purushsuktha is used for shodashopchara pooja of Vishnu. It explains the creation by God. Purushsktha is excellent for

  1. japa
  2. prayashchitta
  3. Vishnu aradhana ( daily prayers)
  4. Moksha (salvation)
  5. Jagat vashikarana ( to attract one and all)
  6. Agni upasthana ( to kindle fire for yagnya)
  7. Suputraprapti (obtaining progeny)
  8. sarvabhistasiddhi (fulfillment of desires)
  9. Dehaarogya( health)
  10. Akaal mrutyu nivaran ( to get rid of premature death)


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  1. Namaskara Chiran avare,
    Read a few of your answers and found them very enlightening . Thanks.
    I have a question.
    Can you explain about the trigunas?
    I have a specific doubt.
    BG says there is no being who is not affected by the three gunas. Further the entire nature is composed of these three gunas.
    1)Now when we say eating certain foods causes disruption to medidative nature of mind then we label those foods as tamasic or rajasic.
    2)Does it mean the food has some charecteristic ie food itself is of tamasic type which causes this? OR
    3)Does it mean that the abhimani of rajas(Bhu devi) or tamas (Durga devi) resides in those jada foods and causes these reaction in people who consume them?
    Further what is meant by saying that everything in this world is composed of trigunas?