Friday, November 28, 2008


Valmiki ramayana sundarkand is of 68 chapters.But SrimadanandTirtha Sundarkand Nirnay is just 50 shlokas.The importance of this nirnay becomes all the more evident ,because Acharya is avatar of Hanuman himself.  Hence this is hanumadkrut Sundarkand.

Hanuman prays Lord Rama and increases his body dimension and pressing Mahendra parvat hard flies into the air towards lanka across the ocean.This teaches us important lesson of remebering God in the beginning of every action.

Ram is complete in vitality,strength,knowledge,viragya,aishwarya,yashas Hanuman merely does this work of seeking Sita only as a service to Ram and not as a favour because Ram himself is infinitely capable with above mentioned 6 qualities.of them strength ,vitality and wealth are of most importance when entering enemy territory of dangerous rakshasas . Hanuman has them in abundance by the grace of ShriRam .


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