Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sama Dukha Sukham Dheeram

One must be equanimous to both unhappiness and happiness. One who attains this is [Purusha: Bramhajnani in jagruta avastha] that braveheart will not be affected by the causes and effects [as a result of interaction between indriyas and its subject/objects] ,and thus will be entitled to Moksha.

These are verses by Shri Krishna in Geeta [chapter 2 shloka 15].consoling weeping Arjuna;

When Arjuna seemingly speaks wise verses of abandoning war ,as a result of acquiring sin by killing preceptors .Arjuna raises question of what happiness are we going to get by waging war. A man lives to be happy among his kith and kin. without them no happiness would be full. attaining a all the wealth and material happiness in absence of kith and kin to share them ,is something no one wishes for.

Killing preceptors[Bheeshma ,Drona etc] and enjoying their wealth sitting on their seats  , this is akin to enjoying pleasures smeared with their flesh and blood. It is better to beg and live rather than commit this act. Even if they kill me unarmed as I am , I would not be bothered or bear any ill will towards them .

Arjuna is speaking about waging a war to get personal happiness[ enjoying kingdom of world etc] and killing the Kauravas as a loss of near and dear and hence personal unhappiness.

Krishna  elaborates the definition of Dukha and Sukha. He calls them as chitta kshobha .[disturbance of mind on account of interplay of senses].

  • Krishna asks Dukha on account of what?
  • loss of life to the greats
  • or absence of these on account of death
  • or complete destruction of their self {soul}

But as these were present earlier also , they are present now and will be present hereafter also . People lose lives and gain it back again and again , gyani does not regret these.

Absence of these should not be mourned as they are ever present as souls , death of the body is not going to put an end to their existence. opposites of warmth/cold , happiness /unhappiness victory/loss all are not permanent , they keep coming and going[occurring] in ones life,gyani does not bother about these .

Soul is never destroyed , it exists , death of the body [destruction of body is not destruction of soul] also clears its memory , soul after acquiring new body does not acquire old memories.  Thus body is soul , had it been so , then memories to each body should have been known to the soul everytime.

Thus one who is undisturbed by the activities of senses and yet performs his karma is known as Dheera [ eligible for Moksha].

Killing in the war is not for gaining happiness or Rajya ,  but it is for fighting against the God haters[tamoyogya] as clear battle line has been drawn between those who are ,for and against Krishna the Supreme.


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