Monday, December 15, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-14 Hanuman's advice

Hanuman warned Ravana ,that if he fails to return Seeta to SriRama ,he will die all alongwith his family.Those who go against  God ,hate God  they will be wiped off alongwith the family.

if practically one does not see immediate fall of those who go against god ,they in long run lose all the family members [have pain on account of family members] and finally themselves perish.

even Rudra and others cannot face the arrows of Rama, so Ravana is just too miniature to stand against the anger of Rama.Rudra has granted boons to many of his family members ,if Rudra himself cannot face Rama's anger so how can his dependent  Ravana can?.

None among devatas ,maushyas,rakshasas, and sarpas can face the arrows of Rama , so Ravana will only perish,how true these words of Hanuman[ the lord of Satya loka] was wrt Ravana.Rama forgives all the sins ,but if persistently one goes against him he will have anger as per the sin.


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