Friday, February 27, 2009

Goja Adrija

  • Lord alongwith Garuda Sesha and rudra resides in the forests by name goja adrija  to protect the wild animals ,birds and snakes.[he resides in these animals by those names ]
  • Narsimha resides in forests
  • Vamana in plains
  • Keshava in the mountains
  • Trivikrama in the air
  • Matsya in the water
  • Those devotees who remember lord in this roopas at theses places are always protected.
  • But unaware of these roopas humans are engaged in amassing wealth , progeny and women and occasionally remembering the tradition prays to lord asking for the boons ,just as the animals, while drinking water in the pond , after seeing the moon's reflection go on to eat it too with enthusiasm.
  • krishnarpana

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