Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vaikuntha Varnan

"gandhdwaramduradharshaam nityapushtaam karishinim |ishwarim sarvabhutaanam tamihophavahyeshriyam||"


Saint Vadiraaj has written Vaikuntha varnane in four chapters 1.moksha sandhi  2.laya 3 srishti and 4 stithi sandhi .

This is directive lesson in the journey towards Moksha for a aspirant .It highlights the philosophy of Poornapragnya acharya in very lucid manner .

In the first sandhi after the mangalacharan Vadiraaj elucidates the three avataras of Vayu namely Hanuman , Bheema and Madhvacharya .Srimadananda teertha has brightened the lamp of true knowledge of Lord Vedavyasa  .

He has upheld that , the world in which we are living , the world which we are  experiencing and is witnessing with all the senses and more importantly breathing in the air of the world, such a world is REAL.

Those who claim that everything is FALSE [ MAYA ] , then very tongue with which they are claiming this also becomes FALSE .

How can a false tongue convey anything ? Then speechless such persons cannot argue further !

Thus stressing this logic Vadiraaj quotes the verse " dwasuparna sayujasakhay ........." from vedas [shruti] to bring out the point that ,

Jeeva and Isha are two different birds embracing the tree namely human body .

If a person teases the other in presence of others as " one without qualities " it is seen in the world  tempers rise with fury of anger . Then if such words are attributed to Lord Srinivas  how can they be accepted .

According to Vadiraaj swamy , this chapter is intended to give bhakti to the good and ethical people and increase hate among the uneligibles . Lord Vishnu has been declared  as the greatest in the inquiry made by rishis through Sage Bhrigu .

Such a lord's story [ harikatha] , if not heard ever by those  evil people ,such people's breathing is a mere exercise akin to the blacksmith's equipment . Such people [ who have no bhakti in Lord ], their mundane activities are also akin to the sporting pigs and dogs  at the enterance of city gates .

Their ears [ which have never heard a harikatha ] are akin to the  rat pits . Their eyes which have not rejoiced at the sight of Lord 's Idol are akin to owl . The tongue which has not sung the hymns of Narhari are akin to squeaking frogs .

  • Did Parikshit not attain Vaikuntha ,listening to harikatha in seven days ?
  • Did Khatvang King not attain the Moksha in just 48 minutes ?

Bhakti is paramount in Moksha sadhana . With Nirmal [ unadulterated ] bhakti ,whence one remembers Narayana continuously , souls reach Vaikuntha .

  • Reaching the abode namely Vaikuntha [where Lord Narayana is ever visible to the souls ] is what is known as MOKSHA .
  • The place that never perishes is known as Vaikuntha
  • Vaikuntha is the only true dwelling [ everlasting stay].
  • There Lord Narayana is visible always uninterruptedly in his complete full glory .
  • Those who have attained mukti are known as MUKTA .
  • Vaikuntha is the place where Mukta live ,without fear of return to mortal world ever .
  • ONce entered in this world .one never comes back into the sansaar .
  • once entered in Vaikuntha one is relieved from cycle of birth and death .
  • Vaikuntha has no miseries
  • Vaikuntha has no incompleteness .
  • Muktas are always complete and happy in everyway .
  • SriMahalaxmi with infinite forms serves Lord Narayana in Vaikuntha and also illuminates the Vaikuntha with her radiance akin to hundred crores of Suns put together , in all the 10 directions of Vaikuntha.
  • Vaikuntha of Bhagavan Vishnu is above the satyaloka of Brahma .
  • Untouched by miseries ,sidhdhas and sadhyas are enjoying in infinite ways  each and every moment uniterruptedly ,without end .
  • All these experiences of happiness in the Vaikuntha is the result of service to the Lord Krishna's lotus feet .
  • The bestower of such happiness of Moksha ie Lord Krishna's feet and enjoyer of the happiness ie Jeeva are different and in hierarchy . ie Lord is aiways different and  greater [ infinitely] than jeeva during sansaar , after sansaar ie  Moksha , and also during Moksha , such difference exists and conyinues , among Lord and jeeva and also among Jeevas .
  • Such a difference is truth
  • Such a  heirarchy is Also the TRUTH.


note : this is avery elaborate grantha and over next few weeks the translation of VAIKUNTHA VARNANE will continue .


  1. Namaskara Shri Chiraan: It has been a while since you made a posting on this page. Of course, i have been following the posts on the Astrology page. I request you to take up a topic of your choice and enlighten us.

    It is possible that you may have covered the subject of souls and their gradation (S,R,T) in some of your posts but I continue to have some doubts about the jeeva swaroopa. Recently I read in a web site that just because a person is doing good deeds in present life does not mean that s/he has a S type soul and similarly some one who is not a good person may not necessarily be a T type soul. If you get a chance please elucidate the finer points in your elegant and simply style which is particularly helpful for unlearned people like me. Thank you very much.

  2. Shri Chiraan: I just noticed that in your Astrology page, some one wished you a happy birthday. May I take the liberty of wishing you happy returns on behalf of myself and my wife (who is also an ardent follower of your writings). I would like to know if your birthday is October 5th. Just curious. May the Supreme Lord Shri Hari, Goddess Lakshmi and Shri Mukhya Prana and our Jagad gurus Shri Madhva, Shri Rayaru and the entire parampare of our Great philosophy of Dvaita shower their choicest blessings on you and your family. Thank you.

  3. It's been more than a year. Pls post, thanks ...