Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gyan bhakti vairagya- 2

Aproksha Gyana is seeing God everywhere in everything. Whatever a person does through mind(in thoughts) ,body(action) and in speech, is termed as karma. thos karma that has been already performed in previous births is sanchita karma. A boy of 14 years does a karma in a single day enough to have ten more births to exhaust it. And in every birth he does karma every day .hence everyone has a sanchita karma as huge as mountains. it is foolish to imagine that we would exhaust our karma and get rid of this birth and death cycle. Nor can we say i shall remain karmaless . No one can sit quite without thinking even for a moment , and that is karma.

The karma that we are doing now and in future births as a result of reaction to various circumstances in life is AGAMI karma.

That we are now enjoying or suffering in this birth is prarabdha karma.

Till we assume we are the doers of karma independently , we are responsible for our karma . we reap its good and bad.effects in many births. Once we realise that it GOD who is supreme and we do everything as per his inspiration. we get freed from the clutches of that Karma. This action gives rise to yathartha gyan, and detachment from karma.Such repeated actions leads to aproksha gyan . here sanchita and agami are reduced to zero.They stop bothering the soul.what remains is prarabdha only.This prarabdha , one has to undergo , you cannot escape from it even after attaining enlightenment(aproksha gyana).After this prarabdha is exhausted , one attains Moksha.

next blogs we shall see about bhakti vis a vis gyana..............


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