Monday, October 13, 2008

Gyana Bhakti Vairagya

Shravana manana Dhyana definitely increases Gyana.

Gyana is of many types viz

  1. Agyana
  2. Mishra gyana
  3. Mithya gyana
  4. Anyatha gyana
  5. Vipareeta gyana
  6. Yathartha gyana
  7. Vigyana
  8. Pragyan
  9. Paroksha gyana
  10. Aparokshagyana

    Let us understand each one by one

  • When you do not know about anything you have agyana . This state is main cause of fear in this world due to absence of gyana.
  • When you inquire about something you get to know something about it though not perfect, neither sure whether it is correct or not .mishra gyana leads to bhrama , delusion.
  • Inadvertently being conclusive while still being in the state of mishrita gyana is Mithya gyana. (believing in one that is not there)
  • When aquiring knowledge we have lots of doubts and due to some inabilities we accept this state of imperfection in the knowledge as the character of the very knowledge ,like accepting theory of probability , Is what anyatha gyana ( far from truth).(believing in otherwise , may be, may not be ,or perhaps something else )
  • Totally believing in exactly opposite(it is like saying a white looking thing is actually black) is vipareeth gyana .
  • Knowing things as it exists is yathartha gyana
  • Knowing the cause and effects of a yathartha gyana is vigyana
  • Finally when your vigyana is visble to you it is pragyan
  • Having pragyana about all the worldy knowledge is paroksha gyan
  • When your eyes turn inwards to see the God within you it is aproksha.

    Lets take example , you buy a tv in your house.

  • You don't know anything about it you have agyana about TV .
  • Tvwala says take this plug switch it on, you will get pictures to see,

    You do it but are unsucessful you have mishrita gyana , you think this all tv thing is foolishness .bhrama

  • Someone else says you need to have antenna or cable to view TV you do it as said take a cable connection. Wow its fulllength movie . Then your messiah says infact your cable wala is all and mighty with respect to TV . Only he can give you connection or he can mercilessly cutoff your viewing pleasure. So your TV actually works because of cablewala; Mithya gyana.
  • Your neighbour buys a dish TV he gets TV pleasure without cable guy; your reverence on cable guy diminishes , but you think anything is possible in this world .you don't have to depend on anybody. Anyathagyana
  • Someday you understand it is star zee sony who are actual entertainers not just equipment suppliers. But how does the programs actually come to your box. A wise man says its all magic , magic of science, there is a jin named science who can capture anything , convert it into air , transmit into air, enters your dish and converts back to your image on TV . Wow ,what a science , what a scientific explanation.Science is everything-No space for GOD in entertainment business. ( Vipareet gyan ), just pay money and enjoy, Movie Masti and Magic.

    Neighbour's envy owner's pride.Look at this invention , TV ,it is for all of us to see ,

    What we have got to to do with your shastra, can you show anything like this ,our sceintific bend of mind is supreme, throw away your traditional wisdom (vipareet -dogmatism) get modern and enjoy.

  • Now yathartha gyana Tv is just an instrument/gadget .A gadget need to have power , and some input source . Here it is images sound , media. These are all input source they can come either from antenna , dish,cable or any other means.

    Somebody has to transmit this input. Input gets transformed from one form to another. Natural elements like crystals , semiconductors ,other materials are used to get this transformation , after this it is carried(transmitted) from one place to other and is converted back to original image again with some transducers.(a natural element).

    Everything is happening due to this naturally available elements , not by any magic, and who has created these natural elements , who makes them exhibit these qualities.GOD . God does things in an organised manner . Anything that is organised is shastra science.

    Yathartha gyana.

  • Vigyana : when with the above gyana you study deeply as to how this images actually get transmitted , you have two views ;one assigning all the events to movement of electrons , electromagnetic waves in the air, theory of antenna , graphics ,chips in TV etc etc. again mithyavigyana
  • Vigyana says there are four crore hari rupa in a human body. They function variously to sustain various organs. Similarly there are many exclusive rupas unfolding from Vasudev, sankarshana pradyumna aniruddha rupa of narayana , alternating to convert one form into another and causing functions of various nature.

    God chooses to exhibit one particular type of conversion in one era and others in another era hence sceince changes from era to era. Like astras( bramhastra , agneyastra etc) are not effective in this era ,simply it is not operative ,sometimes doubting whether it existed.

    Similarly valves are not seen anymore .slowly semiconductors will be outdated ,bionics may take over , but what remains same is Lords' act in these materials, which he reveals from time to time. Call it great Tantra .

    Vigyana is about tantra behind the yantra.

  • when you actually see this all action happening ,you have pragnya.

    Lets take a \tv mechanic . Whence you have a problem , usually mechanic will check step by step and after long time declare what is wrong and may not be able to repair without any proper instruments.

    Pragyan man will give a look at the TV and say yeah here's the problem, he effortlessly puts it right . Genius .\ its always difficult to say how genius works.

    When you have pragyan about everything, Why talk only of TV , there is computer,

    Satellite, law, arts, cricket, medicine., commerce, dance,fight,music,list is endless…

    Can you master all this , well paroksha means that.

    When you have paroksha you still don't know the real. What is it, Soul has two curtains(acchadika) , one on itself, one between itself and GOD ) . When the first one is removed you are a parokshi , when the second one is removed you are aparokshgnyani. You see GOD everywhere in everything .

    To be continued ………….

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