Friday, October 17, 2008

Gyan Bhakti Vairagya-4

Bhakti should be uninterrupted ,like a flow of oil (tayildhara) ;oil flows without breaks and cuts into a jar via the funnel. Bhakti is something concerned with mind. Mind in english does not completely describe the manas of sanskrit. Manas is present at four places in the body.

  1. In the brain
  2. in the neck
  3. in the heart
  4. in the navel

Again mind has four types

  • smara
  • buddhi
  • chitta
  • ahankara

chitta  grasps the objects of desire into our minds. chitta has to be still to grasp correctly the objects. Like a water in the pond ,if it is still you can see your reflection , else it is distorted.colored water gives colored image. So also disturbed chitta gives bhrama, colored with prejudice it gives distorted perception. (chittonmada).

if chitta is ok,object percieved is analysed by the buddhi , the reason.Analysis is w.r.t memory Smara, it recalls smara, if it had any such earlier experience. Smara records varies from recent to past to past janmas/births  too. if smara okays budhhi ,then his experience is registered as "I did, I felt  "etc in Ahankara.

when all these elements act in resonance with affection towards Lord it is bhakti. When there is uninterrupted perception about Lords presence it is amala bhakti. Rudradev is the chief devata for Manas ,hence his grace is supremely required for Bhakti towards Krishna.

Manasu karanavalla  papa punyakkella |

Analaksheya (shiva )ninna prerane illade|| ........Vijayadasara


note: Anala means fire ,aksha means eye , Shiva is the one with three eyes , sun ,moon and fire in the forehead. Eyes of fire. Shiva also Rudra

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