Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bhakti of Prahalad

Prahalad was a devotee of Vishnu. He is Bhaktouttama.His bhakti was exemplary because it did not seek any favours from God. Prahalad was born to Hiranyakashyap , a  rakshas . Yet his son was a great devotee . Rakshasa become as adult as 18 years of age ,as soon as they take birth. No childhood for them relieving their mothers from nursing them( a quality not found in Rakshas women).When lord appeared from a pillar and killed Hiranyakashyap , It was a highly fearsome scene enacted by Lord Narsimha, every being celestial and others were afraid of approaching this half lion and half human form of God ,highly ferocious and roaring with anger. so Bramha asked Prahlada to approach the lord and ask him to glance on others present.As prahlad approached Lord Narsimha licking him alike a usual lion , asked Prahlad to ask for a boon.Prahalad refuses to ask one. Lord insists , prahalad again refuses to ask any boons, God says all pray me to attain the Moksha , i shall grant you Moksha. Prahalad says "oh Lord there are many a soul who do not even Know how to reach you , I need to educate them , so I don't need Moksha now, as that would be selfish of me. Lord says " oh Prahalad , let there be Moksha to you undoubtedly and let there be moksha to all those whom you bring along". Prahalad says " oh lord difficult is in this world to reach you , facing many difficulties and distractions, yet studying the shastras to reach you. I shall brig my followers in a unique manner without difficulties and escaping the grind of samsara ( and its tapatraya) , please be kind enough accept this" Lord affirms " you can devise your own simplistic ways i shall oblige, but this is all for others , i want to give you something why dont' you ask a boon for yourself". Prahalad replies," this whole world is under your control. vene I am under your control, Externally you are urging me for a boon, internally you refusing one, such anamalous behaviour only you can enact and none-else ,since you insist I shall ask you thus ' You have killed my Father ,let him earn a place in your heart. Hence forth none in my lineage be killed by you. You can tolerate all the sins of a human but not a insult to Bramhins, hence let my progeny never involve in insult of Bramhins. let all the merits of my good deeds be enjoyed by my followers and let every enjoyments lead to your divine knowledge and finally when I come along with these in whatever no and form , please accept them fit for Moksha".

Even in this boon Prahalad has thought all others and not himself. His bhakti was pure and unselfish , all we need to do is ask this great souls' blessings , so he can lead us to MOKSHA.

" Oh Shri Prahalad , consider me as a child , when a child cries , one gives a sweet condiment(chocolate) to quiten him and then tech him good things, like wise with little boons showered on me please teach me about the Lord , I like a child , would like to catch hold of your little finger , please lead me to your place , Place of Shri Narsimha." (MOKSHA)


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