Monday, October 20, 2008

Nirguna Bramha

Bramha is Vishnu , infact all names like rudra , indra,vayu ,surya etc primarily means Vishnu and secondarily these beings. Vishnu is the greatest .No one was ever equal or greater than HIm in the past , present and in future. Vishnu is like the eight taste . world knows only six tastes ,sweet sour, sorrow,bitter,salty,chillly,astringent. there is no seventh taste but God is eighth taste , unimaginable beyond comprehension . He is full of auspicious qualities.Gunapoorna.

Then why do vedas say He is nirguna, Is nirguna means qualityless. If we accept this meaning then Vishnu becomes on with no form shape and size,no happiness ,sorrow,because all these are gunas, and he is nirguna. But other parts of veda say he is sahasra shirsa ,( infinite heads, body,eyes,etc) He is narayana( suporter of all) , and all these are qualities. How can vedas say two opposite things both of which can be correct?

To address this issue , we look into the word Nirguna. Guna means anything that is comprised of satva rajas tamas(triguna =prakriti).God is different from prakriti , He is not made up of  elements from Prakriti. Hence he is Aprakruta ( He does not have gunas of prakriti like satva rajas tamas ) thus he is Nirguna -one without gunas of prakriti. - Trigunaateeta (Aprakruta means Nirguna -that which is not found in nature)

Lord in Tirupati is also Aprakruta ad hence it is wrong to meditate Lord Balaji  at Tirupathi as shila (stone idol/murthy) He is standing in Aprakruta Nirguna form.


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