Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Vishnu is very kind towards his devotees. Atyantdayalu. He forgives all the sins of the devotee and helps him reach moksha. Purana are full of incidents which reaffirm his quality of forgivingness. Bhagavata shows :

  1. even though Prahalada was  a Rakshasa  , a race known for misdeeds,terror,and antiGod activities, Yet Lord mercifully bestowed him with boons and immense grace.
  2. Dhruva was  a small boy of five years ,ventures into jungle , should have been consumed by lions or wild animals but Lord Vasudeva full of mercy protects him , accepts his prayers and grants him stardom and immense fortune. All he wanted was to sit on the lap of his father , God made him sit on the lap of universe as pole star for eternity.
  3. Draupadi went against her husband in coming to sabha of kauravas , yet Krishna showed mercy on her ,saved her from insult ,granting her yards of saree as protection .
  4. With all his mercy Lord Rama brought Ahalya back to human form from a stone and united her with her husband Gautam.Rama made Gautam love his wife even more than before , at the request of Indra.
  5. Dhrstadhyumna Killed his Guru ,a Bramhin Dronacharya , yet attained heaven by the grace of Krishna.
  6. Dhritarashtra ( His position was critical , His father was Lord Vedavyasa God himself, and son was the evil satan kali,-It was God's mercy that he was blind else it would have been difficult to cope with his position.) for all his sidings with Suyodhana , the most evil , yet attained heaven.
  7. Ajamidha , a bramhin leads life full of sins , what a mercy even He attained Moksha by the grace of God

oh lord it seems you are tolerant of all these , then why make an exception of me , Please oh Bhaktavatsala, pardon all my sins done uptill now, and protect me through sins to be done in future . Kindly take care of me as a Father would do to his Child , like how you took care of Dhritrashtra ,let me not be any exception irrespective of my actions.

||nanena madedano, rangayaranga  nee enna kayabeko.||


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