Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shistarakshana ,Dushtashikshana

Shri Rama avatar and Krishnavatara are the only avatar where Lord has enacted an entire Life .In these two incarnations Lord protected  his devotees and destroyed evil as well.In all other incarnations he has  either saved his subjects or destroyed his enemies. Lord Rama saved the rishis from the troubles of rakshasas , purified Ahalya,blessed shabari,helped Sugreeva,Gave shelter to Vibheeshana,established RamRajya ,where no one was unhappy,children never died prematurely, wife and husband died simultaneously, women never faced widowhood, men never missed their wives. Everyone was engaged in just occupations. crop grew eight times a year.People used only gold utensils,and ate sumptuous meals.Rama killed tadaki ,subahu,khara dushana,many other Rakshasas . Finally He killed Ravana who had become menace to the world.

whats so special about God killing Demons, as God is the great time, we all are  consumed by this time as we age and eventually die. we also die , God kills us as Time . And we lose our bodies, so does evil , what is the great difference.(it would be foolish to assume our death takes place without God's wish) .

we will answer this in the next post........


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