Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ana means to work,Prana means ,one who continuously works.The chief amoung such is Known as Mukhyaprana.Vayu is Mukhyaprana.Mukhyaprana inspires the sould according to his prarabdha to complete his sadhana. All the actions of the human are primarily carried out by Mukhyaparana. The other vayus are parana apana vyana,udana,samana.They are all other roopas of Mukhyaprana.God regulates everyone. He should be meditated as present in Mukhyaprana.those who are devotees of \hanuman(mukhyaprana) only those gain grace of Lord Krishna. Vali had dumped hanuman and befriended Ravan , Sugreeva took shelter of Hanuman, Ram sided with Sugreeva and did not even show his face to Vali and killed him from behind. Had he befronted Vali ,there were chances that vali would have repented his acts and fell on feet of Rama as it was natural of Vali. But Ram chose not to give him this chance ,since he had ignored hanuman. Instead finished him . In the next life realising his mistake Vali took birth as Arjun , this time he sided with Bheema(Mukhyaprana) , Sugreeva was born as Karna against Bheema. Karna though brilliant lost all his charm at the critical moment. Krishna never allowed him to prosper before Arjuna.
God only graces those who are devotees of Mukhyaprana and ignores others even if they pray him madly. So never pray God alone ,instead pray God as present in MukhyaPrana to recieve his blessings.


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