Monday, October 27, 2008

Krishna and 16108 wives

God has only auspicious qualities. So if Rama exhibited quality of Ekpatnivrata so was this quality absent inKrishna .No. Then how did Krishna have 16108 wives , and how despite that He is still having same qualities as Rama.

God is swarata ie he does not require  anyone help or assistance to enjoy. HE is both male and female .His female form is Narayani. which is always present in Laxmidevi. HE enjoys his own NArayani rupa and gives enjoyment to Laxmi devi as well . Laxmi is dependant on him for her joys. Hence to reiterate this Narayana Procreates Bramha from his Navel not from Laxmi .

Also God touches only those females who have vishesha Laxmi Sannidhi else not. There 16100 Agniputra(son of Agni) who once wished to be extreme close company of God. They took very severe penace God asked them to be born as women so that they can embrace him and it would look proper too. Hence these 16100 rishis took birth as girls and married Krishna. They all had vishesha Laxmi sannidhi.

Hence Krishna always accompanied Laxmi only.Hence there is no difference in qualities between Ram and Krihsna.


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