Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Bhagavan means one who has six qualities of Srishti Stithi Laya Niyaman, Bandha Moksha.Srishti to create,stithi,to protect,laya,to destroy,niyaman,to maintain,Bandha,to bind people in samsara.Moksha to give salvation. These exists only in Krishna.We all take birth and die. Both of which are caused by God. God also kills demons,what is the difference in these two killings. He kills us as kala (the time) and He kills demon physically. So what is the purpose of killing demons and what benefit does it give to society?

God kills demon but this killing sends demons to nityanarak from where they dont return. our killing on account of age  grinds us back into samsara. Nobody can be happy on this earth. It is full of miseries of death,separation,old age and diseases. Nothing here is permanent.Everything has to end. Everyone wants permanent happiness. This permanency is what known as Moksha. Moksha is grace of  Mukunda.


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