Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Narayana and His Avataras are one and same!

There is no difference between Rama , Krishna and Parshurama and other incarnation of the Narayana. All of them have same capacity and qualities as moolaroopa. There is no difference between Narayana and his avayavas(attributes/limbs). There is no organic difference in God and body. His nail is as powerful as his arms. Both can exhibit similar qualities equivalent to moolarupa. Krishna though is krishna keshi(shakti) of Narayana it is still Narayana roop only. All avataras are poorna as much as Narayana.Thinking Rama krishna,Parshurama,other avataras as different leads to Hell . Thinking avataras as full and some incomplete also leads to hell. Thinking defects in God leads to hell. Thinking about incapacity in God leads to hell. Imagining limitation in God leads to hell. Mentioning qualities of arrogance, partiality,anger,sorrow in God leads to complete hell. Men should refrain from all these acts to gain grace of the GOD.

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