Thursday, October 30, 2008


Narayana has a mole on his chest on the right side ,this is known as Srivatsa chinha. This is Laxmi Devi on his chest sitting as close to his heart. Laxmi Devi does not leave her Husband even for a second. She is in complete embrace to HIM forever. Hence these two are nityaaviyogi. They share two qualities which are equal that is equality in space and time. Desha kala samavyapti.  Thus  Narayana is called SRIDHAR because he is in tight embrace to His wife. His wife is called AMBHRANI because she never ever is separated from her. Meditating on the Lord thus as sridhar gives immense marital bliss. Girls get married to their beloved.This meditation on AMbhrani-Sridhar gives quick marriages to the eligible. Srivatsa vaksha(vaksha =chest).


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