Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To Create is the very nature of the God

Upanishads say God creates ,
just as spider spins its web . Just like a child plays by the sea with the mounds of sand .
its natural of God to create ie. it is in his nature . svabhava. Like we all have some unique(repetitive) characteristics defining us. and people confronting us says," oh well, that's his nature". similarly it is the nature of God to create. And to create again and again and again.
Just as web springs out of the spider , this world springs out of HIM.(Kamalanabh)
Like a child He creates and at the end of the day destroys it all.
He does not exert himself due to creation. There is no exhaustion. He does it playfully.
He has no purpose of his accomplished by creation . ie. there is no swartha. He is not achieving any selfish motto in creating this world. He creates this world to uplift the souls ,which are in deep slumber ,to achieve infinite bliss. His creation is varied and not monotonous.He is highly imaginative and beyond comprehension with his Creations. He creates to give immense pleasure, of having a great family, to his wife LaxmiDevi. She time and again feels proud about her Husband's abilities. Sometimes as maya she poses many difficult puzzles with humans /souls as subject , which Lord solves, showing his many marvelous auspicious qualities hitherto unknown , without breaking the laws set upon by himself. It is HIS achintya adbhut shakti that brings more dynamism into creation, much to surprise of Brahma ,shiva ,shakra, who rejoice in a meditative mood over these incidents.
God is not dependent on anybody for his pleasures. He is both Male as well as female. His female form Narayani is always present in Laxmi Devi. She is always under his Control.He creates only to pleasure others. Others rejoice in HIM. Souls achieve salvation by HIS grace .Salvation is realization of self for a soul. Self means souls own attributes(different from GOD) consisting of happiness and infinite bliss . This self ,a soul is ignorant of . God through his creation and by putting a soul in a series of birth and death cycles; and in the process, makes Atman realize his own qualities and bliss (whuch is always covered by MAYA (linga deha)). This self realization W is resisted ,obstructed,blocked by the SHRI BHU DURGA forms of LAxmi Devi.This is a cosmic game played by the Celestial Couple. And the reward is infinite bliss (MOKSHA -Unending happiness)for being part of this game , for a soul.
Bliss is obtained by the grace of the LORD . hence he is known as MUKUNDA.( one who grants moksha by HIS Grace). Grace can be obtained by pure devotion. Devotion comes by Knowledge and knowledge increases due to Devotion.Knowledge can be obtained by listening to shastras from a GURU and contemplating on it with deep devotion to GOD.
in the next post we shall see what is DEVOTION.


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  1. Surely you meant "Eternal bliss" for the soul and not "infinite bliss".