Saturday, October 4, 2008

What is universe according to Vedas;

Vyam Vedvyasaya Namaha
universe created by God consists of fourteen worlds.
1.satyaloka 2.tapoloka 3.janolok 4.maharloka 5.swargaloka 6.bhuvarloka 7.bhuloka 8.atal 9.vital 10.sutal 11.talatal 12mahatal 13.rasatal 14.patal.
It consists of souls (jivas) various types of species living in these worlds.
jada-various types of mountains rivers , plains ,desert, oceans ,space, stars, planets ,houses, mansions, palaces, gardens, markets ,utensils ,minerals, light, water, air, soil etc
Narayana(GOD) rules and regulates the entire universe.
satyaloka tapoloka janoloka are ruled by chaturmukha Bramha.
People here do not have to physically eat or sense to satisfy themselves .
Maharloka is ruled by Shiva . Mount kailash is present in this loka.
Swarga is ruled by Indra in Amravati capital. here we can find heavens and apsaras entertaining meritorious.
Bhuvarloka consists of stars with Dhruva as pivot . Various planets and zodiac find their place in this loka. Also many Gandharva , vidhyadhars , yaksha have floating cities in this loka. they are illuminated brightly and happy land.
Bhuloka consists of many vast lands and our earth(prithvi) is just a small portion of this loka. earlier kings ruled entire Bhuloka not just prithvi.
Atal etc till rasatal are inhabited by nagalokas , rakshasas and daityas. they contain enormous wealth. There is no sunshine in these worlds. People here have bright light emanating from them to see around.Most of them have only water base below oceans( not the oceans of prithvi). each is ruled by Maya , vasuki ,karkotak,etc
sutal is ruled by Raja bali.
Patal has shesha carrying entire universe on its head which is akin to a mustard on our head. so huge is shesha. this shesha is carried by lord vayu on the edge of his tail . in turn vayu is resting on a great tortoise namely \kurma. lord himself.
This universe is 100 crore yojana in width. one yojana is eight miles .
Difference exists between jivas and jada.
Difference exists between jivas and other jivas ( among themselves)
Difference exists between jadas and other jada(among themselves)
God Ishvara (Narayana) is diffrent from jivas
Difference exists between Isha and jada
hence there is five fold difference it is beginingless.
because there is five(panch) differences seen again & again everywhere , this world is known as Pra-panch.This difference is real. Only ignorant feel otherwise.
in the next post we shall see why there is evil in this world?

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