Thursday, November 20, 2008

NaAham Kartha Hari: Kartha

  • Hari is only independent , rest all souls /jeeva are dependent on God .
  • Had jeeva been independent , we all would have built a happy future ourselves. But this is not to be seen anywhere .
  • Everywhere there is wanting and desires unfulfilled , and longing for some kind or the other among the souls.
  • We cannot get our desires fulfilled independently , some force always obstructs us , we feel helpless in getting things as planned.
  • All this points to the fact that we are incomplete and dependent.
  • Finally after a prolonged grind in the life(samsara) We feel everything around us was predestined , and someone else is actually driving my cart named life.
  • This driver (sarathi is Lord Krishna).
  • Jeeva is pratibimba (reflection) of the Paramatma.
  • In a mirror , reflections replay the action as carried out by the \bimba .Standing before a mirror , your reflections do not make movements all by itself. \it moves as you move.
  • Similarly God is present in all jeevas as \bimba and as he acts so does \jeeva.
  • Primarily Bimba acts and subsequently reflections(jeeva) act.
  • He makes us happy and unhappy
  • He is the real doer ,he is the cause ,he is the action, and he himself is the enjoyer of the fruit .(Karanam Karnam \Karta vikarta -------Vishnu sahsranam)

Let me elaborate the last point.

  • Jeeva is different from the body.
  • Paramatma is also different from the body.
  • Jeeva dwells in the  body in the heart at the feet of mukhyaprana , who is himself at the feet of Lord Narsimha (bimbamurthy).
  • Whole body has the presence of various tattva devatas like, eyes are controlled by sun ,mind by rudra ,buddhi by Uma,ears by ganesh,etc. We can see only by the grace of Aditya (God as present in Mukhyaprana in Sun).
  • If he chooses to show, we see , else we cannot see even if we have two eyes. Thus all our actions are governed by God as Present in tattva devatas.
  • The proof of the above sentence is a paralytic man though he has all the limbs intact he cannot move it on his will , because tattva devatas have refused to cooperate.
  • To move a simple thumb , a jeeva requires assistance of 18000 dieities.
  • Jeeva merely wishes for an action, it is actually carried out by tattva devatas and karmaja devatas.
  • Because these actions are carried out by Devatas( God as present in Devatas) , instantaneously , Jeeva out of ahankara feels he has done the karma.
  • He attributes the ownership of karma to himself ."Aham karta"
  • So the karma attaches to him (karmalepa) ,and he takes births and deaths to reap fruits of the action.
  • Tattva devatas act only according to the Karma ( prarabdha) of the jeeva (without raga dwesha).
  • Jeeva is inspired by his past karma ( and knowledge) and his desires ignite.
  • All actions vis a vis karma and desire are carried out by mukhyaprana .
  • Almost all the jeevas base their actions on some kind of desire for fruits of the action.
  • When jeeva acts without desire for fruits , but with the realization that it is God as present in tatva devatas in his body ,He becomes (nirlipta) with the fruits of Karma.
  • This nishkama Karma gives rise to Yathartha Gyana.
  • Finally such repeated nishkaam karma with full realization of Naham kartha Hari: Kartha  leads to aparoksha gyana.

But on the Whole It is only the Narayana who does all the action for the benefit of Jeeva , being inside and outside jeeva (body,and bramhanda) and gives him immense bliss as MOKSHA.

So what does the jeeva do ? if he is not the doer then why is he made to suffer the consequences of karma ? Finally does jeeva do anything apart from being mere spectator?

All this in the next post JeevKartrutva Vichara.


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