Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nitya Naimittik kamya karma

Those actions which are prescribed as duties in the smritis are known as Nitya Karmas .Non adherence  to the Nitya Karma results in sin . Daily bath,pooja,ekadashi ,krishnashtami are all nitya karmas.

Karmas ordained for special occasions are Naimiitika karma. Pitra paksha shraddha, Magha snana,Kartika snana,grahana  etc are all naimittika karma .These has to be done on a particular occasion at a particular time due to some nimitta . Non performance of these do not attract sin, but if done gives merit.

All karmas done with some desire in the heart ,or to achieve some selfish purpose are known as Kamya karma. These if done improperly results in failure of the desirable , and otherwise assures success. Merits and sins are outcome of the type of desire made. Going on pilgrimage, undertaking parak,kriccha ,chandrayan etc are all kamya vratas.

In all types of karma  Vishnu alone should be worshipped. Vishnu alone is capable of giving fruits, others give under his permission and not independently.

Sarva deva Namaskaro Keshavam pratigachchati



  1. Dear Sri Chiraan, Namaskara. Your blog is very informative and useful. Could you please let me know the method of doing the following parayanas as per Madhwa Sampradaya?

    1. Sundarakanda Parayana
    2. Harivamsa Purana

    I have heard that Harivamsa Purana should be recited during pregnancy. Could you please let me know whether the Purana should be recited in Sanskrit or Kannada (just read the Kannada translation)?

    Thank you very much for your time and help.

  2. Dear sri Venkatji
    Parayan is as per sampradaya.
    The one I was instructed is as follows.
    Sundarkanda are three texts 1 valmiki 2.sangraha ramayana 3. acharya Madhwa sundarkanda Nirnaya.
    I prefer Sundarkanda nirnaya.
    krama is as follows.

    dwadasha guru namaskara
    1 anga nyasa of Ugram viryam
    2.anga nyasa with, anjaneyay,rudramurthaye,vayuputraya,agnivarnaya,ramdutaya,bramhastranivaranaya astray phat
    3.balthha suktha
    4.panchamukhi kavach
    5. sundarkanda nirnay thre times.
    complete anga nyasa
    recite sankshipt ramayana by sri Raghavendra swamy "sriman poorvam prajato..."
    this completes one parayana for a day. you can do this for a week ,three weeks or 48 days.

    if you are doing Sangraha Ramayana
    then pre procedure as above
    recite chapter 1 1st day
    recite chapter 1-2 2nd day
    recite chapter 1-3 3rd day
    so on -- till you complete all chapters.
    complete on the last day perform homa ,tarpana, and bramhana bhojana.

    Harivamsha to read during pregnancy is as follows:
    gather in the evening along with friends and relatives in your house.
    keep the purana on a reading dias ,
    lit two lamps before it.
    perform mangalarthi.#
    Invoke Sage vedvyasa in the grantha .
    lit an incense.
    start a chapter with the mangalacharana in Sanskrit and first shloka in samskrit. Then read kannada translation of every shloka complete the chapter . perform mangalarthi .offer kosambri as naivaidya to all the gathering.
    complete in as many days as you can
    after completion offer bramhana bhojana and dana according to the capacity.

    hope this information is useful

  3. Dear Sri Chiraan, Namaskara! Thank you so much for the detailed description. Just to clarify, for Harivamsa Purana recitation, only the mangalacharana and first sloka of the chapter could be recited in Sanskrit. For all other slokas, only Kannada tatparya is enough. Is my understanding correct? Kindly, confirm.

    On a different note, could you tell me if there are any other parayanas or stotras that pregnant women can recite to have a healthy, intelligent child and more importantly, devotee of Sri Hari. Thanks very much for your help.

  4. Dear sir,
    Yes the procedure as you understood is right. Note never decrease the number of adhyayas on a day . it should be eithr same everyday or increasing in number.
    Gosavitri stotra from Mahabharath is best for pregnant women. Lighting two ghee lamps before shri Raghavendra swamy photo, mrutika brundavana everyday during pregnancy guarantees haribhaktha janana.
    " deep sanyojanat gnyanam putra labho bhavedhruvam"


  5. Namaskara Sri Chiraan. Thanks for the response. Do you have a soft copy of Gosavitri stotra that you can post on your blog? I searched for the stotra on the internet but could not find it.

  6. namaskara,
    I dont have a soft copy , but i shall try to upload a scanned copy in kannada , let me know if that would do?

  7. Namaskara Sri Chiraan. Thank you. A scanned copy in Kannada would be very helpful.

  8. Dear Sri Chiraan, Namaskara. I have one more question. Would you by any chance know where I can get (to purchase) Devanagari version of Harivamsa Purana? (In Bangalore or Chennai)


  9. kindly click the link below and download the stotra

  10. Dear Sri Chiraan, Namaskara and thank you very much for posting Gosavitri stotra on your blog.

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  12. Dear Sri Chiraan,


    While explaining the procedure for Parayana of Sundarakanda Nirnaya, you mentioned that step 1 is "Anga nyasa Ugram Viryam Manyu Sukta". Could you please elaborate this in detail? I had learnt Manyu Sukta with Anganyasa and Karanyasa. Is what you are suggesting the same or different?

    Another question I have is whether Sundara Kanda parayana from Valmiki Ramayana could be done as per the following procedure?

    Recite few sargas from Sundara Kanda everyday (in increasing order), finish with Sri Hari Vayu Stuti and Sankshepa Ramayana.

    Please let me know. Thanks very much for your help and guidance

  13. Dear sir,
    You can do anganyas as you have been taught ,after manyusuktha , vayustuti ,then sundarkanda , sankshep ramayana .
    this order is right .
    but nirnay gives more phala than valimiki ramayana. if done done with understanding phala is 100 times more.
    please note your harivansha purana devanagari address has been posted above.

  14. Dear Sri Chiraan,

    I have the soft copy of MBTN by Srimad Acharya. Is Sundarakanda Nirnaya the 7th chapter of MBTN? Could you kindly tell me where I can get the meaning of Sundarakanda Nirnaya?

    As per your suggestion, I am planning to do a 9 day parayana in the following order

    manyu sukta
    hari vayu stuti
    valmiki ramayana
    sundarakanda nirnaya
    sankshepa narayana

    Please let me know whether the above order is correct. Thank you so much for patiently answering all my questions.

  15. Dear sir,
    you are right , it is the seventh chapter of MBTN ,in late seventies my father used to collect every edition of gurusarvabhauma magazine and teach us when I was a child . vadiraja swamy 's commentary has been translated into kannada you can get it from
    the procedure is right

  16. Dear Sri Chiraan, Thank you so much for the detailed information and for patiently answering all my questions.

  17. My late father used to subscribe to Gurusarvabhauma, Sri Sudha, Tatvaada, Suguna Maala, Dharmaprakash, Haridasavahini and many other Madhwa journals. He purchased all books published by ABMM (Vidyapeetha), Bangalore. He had the entire collection of Mahabharata, Ramayana, Harivamsha, Bhagavatha, NyayaSudha, Upanishads, Sarvamoola, Dasara padagalu, Life sketches of Madhwa saints etc. He made us listen to dasara padgalu sung by Bhimsen Joshi, Balamurali Krishna and VBT. He took us to places of Madhwa saints brundanvanas. He made us feel proud of our glorious Madhwa lineage. He instilled in us a strong faith in Madhwacharya.

  18. Dear sir
    Kindly advice if ladies can recite harivamsha purana and santanagopalamantra before conceiving.
    If so kindly tell us the procedure for reciting.
    Also tell us if there is any particular day on which it has to be started
    Thank you

  19. no one must not recite , but one can listen to it when husband or elder reads it .mantropasana should be avoided during pregnancy , katha shravan should increase ,

  20. Shri Hari


    Can suggest where can I find Kannada version of harivamsha purana ?

    Awaiting for you response.

    Thank you.