Saturday, December 20, 2008


Akshouhini is the term described for chaturanga sena[army].Chaturang sena means one which has ,chariots ,elephants ,horses and soldiers.One akshouhini is

  1. 170 sets of 21000 elephants
  2. 170 sets of 21000 chariots
  3. 610 sets of 65000 Horses
  4. 9350 sets of 100000 soldiers Army.
  • That makes up 108 crores of  Army in one akshouhini.
  • Mahabharath was fought among 18 akhshouhini army
  • Kauravas had 11 Akshouhini army
  • Pandavas had 7 Akshouhini army
  • some people opine akshouhini means around 200000 army
  • But this does not seem to be correct as this gives as total army in Mahabharath as roughly 360000 only . But Kauravas had raised army from all over the world .And each country was known to have more than 1 lakh of army .
  • Also Srikrishna was 68 years old at the time of mahabharath war. He had 16108 wives . each had borne him 10 sons and a daughter. These themselves make a 1 lakh 61 thousand + their armies ,ie Yadavas + [1000000 Narayani sena ] which fought from Kauravas side.
  • Thus akshouhini cannot be just 200000 soldiers.
  • Bheemasena alone single handedly killed 6 akshouhini sena in 10 days.
  • that is 648 crores in 18 days
  • 36 crores in a day[ average]
  • 36 crores in 12 hours [ 6 am to 6 pm]
  • 3 crores per hour
  • around 5 lakhs per minute.
  • 85000 in a second [warriors and equal amount of elephants horses]
  • What kind of martial arts this could be.
  • Fighting non stop 12 hours in a day and on a killing spree
  • killing not just ordinary but well trained warriors
  • This speaks of immense strength of Bheemasena.
  • Bheeshma killed a 1 akshouhini sena in 18 days
  • 120 years old man killing so many people in a war speaks a lot about yogic powers and divine nature of these yodhas.
  • Indeed entire kshatriya clan was wiped out in the war .
  • Most of the people born then as warriors were Devatas .
  • Their offspring would be also divine in nature
  • But God wanted Kaliyuga to start immediately after Mahabharata .
  • These divine offsprings would never let that happen .
  • hence he eliminated them in the name of war, left this world for the ordinary , and for kali to take over .
  • Pandavas ruled for 35 years.
  • Their son Parikshit carried on, and dynasty lasted for 1000 years.



  1. If God wanted Kaliyuga to start immediately after Mahabharata and eliminated (divine offsprings ) them in the name of war, left this world for the ordinary , and for kali to take over...then how Pandavas ruled for 35 years followed by Parikshit and his dynasty for next 1000 years?

    Was Raja Parikshit an ordinary person ? (I guess no as Arjuna was his Grand Father)


  2. Dear sir ,
    Kshatriyas have natural tendency to uphold Dharma [as per veda] , upon that if kshatriyas are from the lineage of devatas [as was in pre mahabharath era , almost entire devatas were born in kshatriya clan] , these would be spread in every part of the world and naturally their offsprings will also be strong and capable of halting speedy spread of kaliyuga. that way if there are everywhere mighty kshatriyas then Kaliyuga will not spread at all .
    so except Parikshit[devata kshatriya] everywhere else ordinary were ruling ,
    even for Parikshit Kali tricked him to get five places . during 35 years of Pandava rule kali and bali created havoc in the periphery of the earth for[ this was possible beause they had penetrated successfully in those countroies as rulers were weak.
    Bheemasena attacks them and brings them in captivity to Yudhisthira , Yudhisthira asks why havoc in his kingdom,
    kali says whose kingdom " this is my kingdom according to yuga dharma " you are going against yugdharma.
    Yudhisthira happy with his answer grants him pranadana and hey are captivated for 1000 years in a trunk , thus pandavs ruled 1000years . when kshemak out of curiosiy releases them , his kingdom fall down .
    thus Srikrishna allowed Kaliyuga to grow. and only one race Pandavas could still check its growth.

  3. These numbers are too huge to comprehend!
    Most texts I have read sticks to 1 Akshohini = 2 lac warriors equation.. and even then kaurava army would be greater than current indian army!

    Also, I don't know how more than a lac children can be born through krishna alone...

  4. respected sir,
    u have mentioned in this article that the age of bheeshma as 120 years old but in mbtn it is mentioned that he lived for more than 300 years.
    also you have mentioned in your article that 1 akshouhini refers to
    170 sets of 21000 elephants
    170 sets of 21000 chariots
    610 sets of 65000 Horses
    9350 sets of 100000 soldiers Army.
    but in mahabharata it is mentioned that it consists of only
    1 set of 21000 elephants
    1 set of 21000 chariots
    1 set of 65000 Horses
    1 set of 100000 soldiers Army.
    could you please explain

  5. What is your source for defining the term axohini?