Friday, December 19, 2008


Once all the dieties reproached as to who was superior among them .Chaturmukha bramha created a body and asked everyone to enter it. All the dieties entered . Now these decided whoever leaves the body ,and if the body collapses ,he would be supreme.

  1. Vak departed[fire] , body was intact without speech ,eating and drinking
  2. Chaksus[eyes] {sun} departed , body reamined intact without seeing
  3. Srotra [moon]{ears} departed ,body remained intact without hearing
  4. Manas[ shiva,suparna,sesha,Indra] departed ,body reamained intact without drowsing
  5. Then Prana[breath]{Vayu} moved out , the body collapsed even if other were present. Sarira is known as Sarira because it collapses.
  6. Thus Mukhya prana is superior to all dieties.
  7. One who knows this his enemies[sins] will vanish and knowledge will accompany him like a brother.


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