Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Once King Visala and his wife Itara devi performed penace to get a Son. Lord Narayana revealed himself as their son. He once went to a yagna where devatas and chaturmukha bramha were presiding. These devatas could not bear the lustre of Lord Narayana ,chaturmukha Bramha offered prayers to the son of Itara , He enabled them to see him.They all became his devotees. As greats like Ramadevi,Bramha,Indra,devatas became his dasa[devotees] He came to be known as Mahidasa [mahin: dasa: asyeti  Mahidasa:] He then preached Aitereya hymns to all of them .

Thus Aitereya devata is Mahidasa ,rishi is also mahidasa,this is part of ashvalayan shakha of Rigved ,a chapter2 and3 of Aitereya aranyaka is upanishat. It conveys Supreme Glory of Vishnu ,hence is known as Mahavibhuti.

  1. Hari:OM  Sankarshana is the path ,Anirudha is karma, Vasudev is Bramha ,Pradyumna is Satya.
  2. One must not abandon Him ,[one must not transgress Truth ,as god himself is truth that leads to HIM].
  3. This answers the question as to
        1. why truth should be followed in this world ,
        2. why cannot we live as we feel like  ,
        3. why are there path of spirituality ,
        4. what it leads to ,
        5. who has put all these restrictions?
  4. This also specially shows vedas are theistic.
  5. Three transgress HIM
      1. Pishachas[those who roam in Akasha]
      2. Rakshasas[Those who eat human flesh]
      3. Asuras [ among dharma gyan vairagya and aishwarya ,these have only aishwarya]
  6. Three did not transgress
      1. Manushyottama
      2. Rishis
      3. Devatas
  7. They meditated on HIM as
      1. in Arka
      2. in Brihat
      3. Pavamana
  8. Men prayed through Agni
  9. Rishis prayed God as present in Aditya
  10. Devatas in vayu and Dishas[all quarters].

Narayana is Supreme . Madhvacharya had a special liking to this Upanishad which can be seen from that fact that

  • He taught this upanishat to his Guru as Guru Dakshina
  • He gave a special discourse on this in eminent sabhas
  • His last discourse before retiring to Himalayas was on Aitereya Upanishat which was attended by Devatas  in Ananteshwar temple UDIPI.


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