Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-16 MadhuvanBhang Atmasamarpanam

Hanuman Burnt Lanka with his tejas[brilliance] , All this was achieved in presence of Ravana and Indrajit . They were helpless spectators to this feat. Ravan had abducted seeta in absence of Rama [through deceit ],this showed his cowardice , But Hanuman punished him in his presence by destroying his city . Ravan could lift mount Kailash[of Shiva] , Indrajit defeated Indra , but could only helplessly watch Vayuputra Hanuman[showing superiority of Hanuman to Shiva and Indra.

Indrajit had used Bramhastra on Hanuman, now when his Lanka was burning to ashes , he could have used Varunastra , but he knew it was of no help , as no astra could match brilliance of Hanuman ,thus indrajit mutely accepted consequence.Hanuman the invincible ,his tail was unhurt by the fire. But Lanka was dismantled. Those who oppose Rama they can only reap unhappiness however they take shelter of other Gods , they cannot save themselves from the wrath of Hanuman.

Hanuman flew back across ocean to his subordinates Angad ,jambavan etc.They were all happy to see him back, it was as if they got their lives[breath] back. Together Hanuman and team decided to return to kishkindha. On the way Hanuman and others destroyed Madhuvan of Sugreeva [which was full of honey]. The news that Hanuman destroyed Madhuvan gave immense pleasure to Sugreeva .Because , only if these vanars were happy then they could dare to annoy him[ King].In these situation ,only the news of Seeta could  be honey to ears.Hanuman by destroying Madhuvan has spread advance news of Seeta [honey to ears].to Sugreeva.

Hanuman destroyed Ashokvan ,it gave immense grief to Ravana , he destroyed Madhuvan ,it gave immense pleasure to Sugreeva.Hanuman's every act brings pleasure to Satvikas and grief to Tamas jeevas.

Hanuman along with other vanara met Rama and submitted Chudamani at his feet. Chudamani is Vayu himself ,presenting to Rama's feet , is atmasamarpana , Lord Rama responded by a hug [alingan] to Hanuman, Atma samarpana was reciprocated by Sayujya.This Alingana is representation of Bhavi Bramha post to Hanuman. Hanuman surrendered himself to the feet of Lord ,without any desire , his service of Samudra langhan , seetaanveshan , lanka vidhwansa and chudamani samrpana , was all with pure devotion and thus He is jeevottama , and Rama the Sarvottama presented him the lordship of entire creation.

[He took all the vanar, none of them had done anything in this entire journey ,but just by being with Hanuman in his Ramaseva ,entitled them to the Grace of Shri Rama, honey of Sugreeva and saved them from anger of the King apart from enjoyments. ]Just as Vanara had Madhu  by siding with Hanuman ,we can also have Madhu[Moksha Grace of Rama] if we read and follow this Nirnay by Madhvacharya [Hanuman himself] .


||Iti Srimadanandtheertha bhagvat padacharya virachite Srimanmahabharat  Tatparyanirnaye SriRamcharite Hanumatpratiyanam  naam saptamo adhyayah||

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  1. Beautiful. Reading about Shriman Narayana and Shri Mikhyaprana gives me immense happiness. I pray that I may get Shriman Narayana as my Ishta devata and Srimadacharya as my Guru within life after life.