Tuesday, December 30, 2008

kapat vairagya

Vairagya is a state of mind which is completely engrossed in the Lord . It attempts to see act of Lord in every aspect of its life. It is primarily a state in which mind dwells rather than an exhibitionist attitude.

Today most of the vairagi tend to show external symptoms .Their main aim is to fill their bellies in the disguise of vairagi . They pretend to show virakti ,

  • by keeping a japamaala in the hands
  • pretend to be always muttering some mantra
  • sometimes put a veil to show deep meditation 
  • But actually dreaming about beauty of women seen during the day
  • Yet they keep claiming they are most virakta .
  • some wear orange[kashaya] vastra and keep enjoying cigars and wine sitting on golden thrones .
  • All these people claim vairagya [actually kapat vairagya]
  • They have extreme devotion on deceitful activities .
  • their behaviour is akin to a ganika performing the act of pativrata on a stage.
  • but do not even have a miff of Bhakti in our Narayana [Kamalnabha].

||kardali japa mani bayali mantravu  mususki haki mandali parsati gunavu smarisuta Parama vairagyashali anisuta  kutakatanadali bhala bahkuti ,Natak striyaru pativrateyante natan maduvante ||

|| udara vairagyavu idu namma Padmanabhanali lesha bhakuti illa udara vairagyavu idu||


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