Monday, December 29, 2008

Births Births & Births

A soul after coming to srujya avastha ,initially wanders in the yoni of [sthavar jangam lata vela] plants and  insects  [krimikitadi] and pashupakshyadi yonis. It takes roughly 100 crores of births in each to come out of this inferior births to assume human forms for the soul. In the human form it takes births into barbar ,kirat ,mlechha,yavanadi  jatis many a times [over 100 crores births in each ] to get a janma in Bharath varsha .Here again taking births chronologically in chaturvarna ,[in crores of births each ] One is born as  a vaishnava . In vaishnava kula ,the urge to study shastras in absent for many a crores of births. After such repeated births in vaishnav kula one fine day soul seeks the guidance of guru to teach him shastra. After obtaining teachings in one lakh births he tries to think about God. He develops bhakti in another thousand births ,After bhakti he starts his sadhana towards moksha , after 10000 births he attains the knowledge to perform Nishkaam karma , he prefers to become a sanyasi. 3000 such births entitle him to the path of Mokshha. This is just the beginning towards Aparoksha Gyana.

everytime he fails to obtain higher births ,he undergoes same process of dwelling in 84 lakhs yonis ,[what a colossal waste of time] , So make hay when sun shines . Utilise your human birth to consolidate |Vishnu sarvottamatva gyana  and speedily progress towards Moksha .

||Sanchitarthavu matte baradu ,munche madierokarmava ||Govinda Namo GovindaNamo Govinda Narayana ||Govardhana Girina ettida Govinda namma rakship||


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  1. When I shared this post with my brother, he said - What, so many million years?! Here we become impatient at a traffic signal....