Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anekajeeva vada

Is there only one soul or many souls in this creation. There is a section of philosophy which believes in presence of only one soul.Let us examine it.

If there is only one soul , then it must be assuming many rupas[bodies] .As we see many people in this world. However each person is different and has his own experiences. If all but only one soul exists in all these bodies then the experience in each of them should have been known to others as well. This is not seen in the practical world .

If we accept many soul [aneka jeeva vada] , then we can safely conclude that each has his own experience.

Are these souls equal?

Had they been equal , they should have all undergone similar experiences and consequences in their lives. very fact that these have varied experiences and reactions, shows souls are different from each other.

Also these souls are not independent as each is struggling to overcome grief and yet finds himself bound by a situation[samsara]. Who is responsible for it? Thus we have to accept that there is a higher being than souls who controls , binds and relieves these souls.

This higher being is known as Parmatma ,distinctly different from Atma.


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