Friday, December 26, 2008

This world is real.

This world created by God is real. the experience of each of us stands testimony to us.This experience cannot be false. The non existence of world is never experienced. Neither can be seen its unreal nature.

If experiences of the soul in this real world are false and unreal then the thought to come out of this unreal to some imaginary real should also be unreal.

Because , such thoughts have occurred here in this world, these thoughts should also be unreal .

How can there be pursuit of the real from a unreal thoughts?

The world, if it is maya [unreal] , whom is it binding?

is the agent[soul], it is binding, real? If it is real then how a real entity is bound by unreal?

If there is only one [soul/Bramha] , then who is Bramha?

Is this Bramha all knowing or ignorant?

If he is all knowing then why he has to make efforts to come out of ignorance?[ if at all , all souls are one and equivalent to Bramha]

Thus soul cannot be equal to Bramha for he has to come out of ignorance . Paramatma [Bramha ]is all knowing and creator distinctly different from Atma.

There is no equality [eikya] between Parmatma and Atma.

Soul can be subjected to maya and creation is a chance for him to come out of this to attain moksha.

Even in this case also his subjection to maya and subsequent sufferings are real [vexed with it ,he makes an attempt for Moksha].

if it is unreal then, his getting vexed and efforts to attain moksha will also be unreal .why would one make a unreal efforts to attain happiness.

If his efforts are unreal and his sins in maya are also unreal then words of Veda to prohibit sins and encourage Merits [punya] will also become false and unreal.[ also meaningless].

Selectively declaring few verses as right and real and others as unreal also renders Vedas meaningless.

Thus Vedas rightly declares World is real ,World is real, World is real.

Vishnu is the only God ,neither equal or greater than HIM.

all others are souls[atman/jeevas] distinctly different from him and dependent on him.



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  1. Wonderful ! I jut cannot get enough of this content. Every time i visit this site, I keep reading again and again. It is very true, How would a soul which is real by bound by this unreal maya of the world ?? Pure logic. These contents also defy the so called myths of tamasic people who claim the satvik people to be having blind faith. Our faith is based on logic with our eyes and mind wide open.

    Best Regards