Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-11 Akshakumar vadha

Ravan realised Kapi was no ordinary ,but extremely valorous Hanuman . So he decided to send his son AkshaKumar. AkshKumar was equivalent to Ravana in strength and capability. AkshaKumar, the son of Mandodari was protected by a boon of immortality from Bramha.Sending Akshakumar was equivalent to Ravana himself coming to battlefield. People hacve three kinds of strength , Vara bala (strength of boons), astrabala( strength of missiles)and swabhavik bala( nijabala actual physical strength).
With all his might Aksha kumar attacked Hanuman , with his astras . All his arrows were incanted with the Astra mantras. And he was using crores of such arrows with his speed and valour . Hanuman being more stronger than astras themselves , being swifter then the astras , did not budge to these and on the contrary swiftly lifted AkshKumar by his legs.
Hanuma thought , Ravana 's army has been demoralised, by destruction of 1/3 of his force. Now let me destroy another third of Ravana.
This is internal damage to Ravana
1, Ravana
all these were equal in strength, killing akshakumar will reduce his strength by third.
Hanuman thought of leaving Ravana for Rama to kill . INdrajit for Lakshamana ( also his strength had to be tested) , and chose AkshaKumar as his target . This is to show that he could have killed Ravana as well but as a pure afterthought he has let go Him.
Hanuman even when dangerous weapons/missiles were thrown at him he was least bothered about them and yet exhibited his cool sense of justice and analytical brain while thinking about killing AkshaKumar.
Hanuman swung AkshaKumar in the air and smashed him on to the ground and not on the stone or mountain, yet AkshaKumar crushed into pieces , on account of force of Hanuman. Ravana went into immense grief at the news of Son's death , crushed to death by Hanuman .
AkshKumar was reborn as Lakshana ,son of duryodhana , here he was son of Ravana , the ultimate villain, their he was son of Duryodhana , the ultimate villain , even after death he could not get good senses and reborn as an evil.
Hanuman exceeded everyone in nijabala, Though He has all the knowledge of astras , He never uses them ,He has extreme grace of Shri Rama. Krishna left jarasndha to be killed by Bheemasena , Here Hanuman left Ravana For Rama . this seems to be beautiful anology.


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