Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SundarkandNirnay-12 Indrajit

Ravana sent Indrajit to face Hanuman. Indrajit made a flurry of arrows towards Hanuman ,these had no effect, Indrajit could not subdue Hanuman , [if indrajit could not subdue Hanuman, then one who has been defeated by him (indra),how could he have hit and hurt Hanu ( cheek of hanuman) .
Indrajit used Bramhastra . Now Hanuman thought ,he has already overtaken ,the bramha boons to many anothers and killed them, This time He wished to honour Bramha , and get caught by it . He is equivalent to Bramha , though equivalent he had respect for Bramha partky because Bramha is senior and also one must treat equals as thyself ,hence respect is there,Also Hanuman wished to see Ravana . These Rakshasas accpompanying Indrajit would take him to Him and he will have chance to see ravan and warn him about Sri Ram and give him his message.
All this was out of Hanuman's own will and not by the power of Rakshasas , they were as always powerless before him.
Thus Hanuman chose to accept the effect of Bramha astra , this did not trouble him but he acted to be caught by it and followed the Rakshasa to Ravana.
Hanuman is never troubled by astras.

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