Saturday, January 17, 2009


  • There are two akaash 1.Bhutaakaash 2. Avyakta Akaasha.
  • Bhutakaash is one of the panchabhutas and is within the bramhanda.
  • Avyakta akaash is outside the boundary or periphery of bramhanda
  • Bhutaakaash is presided by Ganapati , Brihaspati and vasudeva.
  • Avyaktaakash is presided by Laxmi devi and Narayana.
  • Bhutaakaash  is primarily responsible for support of the lokas.
  • Vasudeva in akaash supports the lokas.
  • Bhutakaash manifests in shabda .
  • Shabda exhibits the Akshara
  • These also exist in shrotrendriya
  • Both akaash and shabda are present in the ear.
  • Akaash upachayen Shabdotpatti [ movement/disturbance in space gives rise to sound]
  • Thus Blessings of Ganapathy is neccessary to success in study of shabdashatra.
  • Ganapati can also be appeased by meditating in the akaash linga ie ,space between eyebrows and throat , or just above the jivhamula.
  • Mind is also made of akaash
  • Akaash takes the shape that which is rendered to it.
  • Thus thoughts are modifications or impressions on  akaash
  • Thus there can be as many thoughts as possible
  • The thoughts can change as quickly as possible
  • If for any reason akaash in the mind is stabda [still] the last impression becomes stagnant in the mind and man becomes unrealistic.[Manoroga]
  • Thus for a good mind and sound study let us all pray Ganapathy antargata mukhyapranantargata Vishwambhar moorthy .


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  1. I wish to say a common Dhanyavada for all your writings instead of separately for each post..