Friday, January 16, 2009

Bimba Pratibimba

Bimba is the God present in our heart . The jeeva is Pratibimba. Jeeva is shodashakala gynamaya swaroop deha . The one who resides inside the swaroopa as Paramatma is Bimba moorthy Narsimha. He is like the string that supports the flowers in a garland. He is like a fragrance in a flower He supports the entire universe and present in all the jeeva.

Bimba murthy of Ganesh will be like that of Elephant head [Vishwambhar] .Bimba moorthy of Sesha will be like that 1000 hood Sarpa.Similarly for Garuda it will be like  Bird. So God exists everywhere in different forms. Our bimba will be according to our swaroopa in Mukti as per our Yogyata . Though a serpent or animal faced BImba we can still be in a human form now.

Only nija swa atma guru can only give us a the real bimba dhyana , After this upadesha Bimbopasana starts and after many years of Bimbopasana Aparoksha is obtained.

Aparoksha entitles one to see everywhere God , Every human that see , we see the bimba performing in him and not the jeeva. Thus it is a state of very high electic happiness as we see Lord act everywhere and there is no lepa .


Alli Nodidare RAMA illi Nodidare RAMA elli elli nodidaru RAMA| Avanige iva RAMA ivanige ava RAMA | RAMA RAMA

|Sarvam vishnumayam jagat|

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  1. Lord is the object and we are like His image in the mirror.. If we want the image to look good, we must decorate the object, not the mirror. What we offer to Bimba roopi Bhagavanta, is reflected in us, the pratibimba jeeva.