Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bhagavat Purana

A seed is sown in the soil and watered ,it springs into a tree with a strong stem ,branches ,leaves and Flowers . It will be laden with Fruits . Ripe sweet Fruits are the essence of the Tree in toto . The Fruit which has been bit [tasted]by  a Parrot is particularly [assuredly] very  sweet. Tasting such sweet fruit brings sense of pleasure and immense bliss.This is what is known in the world about the trees to us.

In philosophical world [vedic vangmaya] there is a Kalpavriksha tree which grows :

When seed of gnyana is sown in the soil[field of mind] and nourished with Bhakthi [devotion] , trunk named Vedas spring up ,with barks as upanishats and branches as rig, yajus ,sama ,atharva and many shakhas , upavedas and leaves of innumerable shastras [ when taken shelter under it, it gives cool shade and solace ] ,It has fragrant flowers of many Vidyas  and puranas as Fruits ,which contain the entire essence of Vedas . Of these various puranas , some are very ripe, And that which has been bit[tasted] by the Parrot named Shukamuni is assuredly very sweet ,It is Bhagavata Purana because it gives immense bliss named MOKSHA.

Note : Shukacharya ,son of Vedavyasa had a face of that of parrot , He was the first to learn Bhagavat and first to give discourse on it to Parikshit Grandson of Arjun , WHo after listening to it in seven days attained Moksha.


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