Sunday, January 11, 2009


  • Om means one who is complete [sampoorna].
  • OM is made up of letters A U M .
  • A represents the state of awakening
  • U represents the state of sleep
  • M represents the state of dead
  • A is the vishwa
  • U is the taijas
  • M is the Pragnya
  • There is also a fourth state known as Turiya .
  • All these states are under the control of the God
  • Infact OM has eight syllables according to Shruti
  • Now eight syllables  A U M Naad Bindu Ghosh Shaant Atishant
  • These syllables are the manifestation of the rupas of Narayana
  • They are Vishwa Taijas Pragnya Turiya Atma  Antaratma Gyanatma Paramatma .
  • Realisation of the OM with respect to entire eight rupas only entitles one to Moksha
  • From Om emanates entire syllables
  • Akshara that emanate from OM like A E U ..... Ll Ksha etc are all Hari rupa .
  • A is Ajaay namaha .............Ll is Llalukaya namaha
  • Only sanyasi is ordained to meditate on OM the Pranav Mantra.


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  1. Dear Sir,
    posting here as its not getting on sadhana page and query relates to omkara so didn 't wanted to share it in open.
    in a discourse on upanishad i heard:
    the syllables of omkara viz. a,u,ma,nada,bindu ghosh,shant,atishant correspond to a set of rupas of hari........krsna,rama,narsimha,varaha,parmatma,paragjyoti,parabrahma,vasudeva respectively.
    its interesting as acharya madhva has made those forms kuladevtas of ashta mutt. also heard among acharya's disciples sri vishnu tirtha was most advanced so acharya gave varaha murthy to him only.
    now these rupas relate to jaya vijaya.............

    there is more to this than just pointer for omkar what i feel. can u reveal a little more?if i'm eligible. thank you.

    sri krishnarpana.