Saturday, January 10, 2009

Karma & Gnyana

Shri krishna stresses importance of gnyana in Bhagavadgeeta .Arjun asks " if gnyana is so shreshtha [great] then why do you insist on doing Karma[ a bhayankar one at that ,namely war]waging a war towards kith and kin.
Here Arjuna is insisting he is not interested in War , he is more interested in knowledge that would ensure Moksha. But Shri Krishna says that leaving battlefield even for the sake of Knowledge and MOksha would lead him To hell , for a Kshatriya a war is most sacred than retiring to Forests.

Note : Most people keep claiming caste is not by birth but by qualities , anyone exhibiting qualities can take on the duties of the caste! ! !
For all such people ShriKrishna is sending a message that what is ordained has to be carried out.
Arjuna here felt strong desire for Gaining Knowledge and distaste for violence[ that too in the middle of battlefield]. Here he was exhibiting Bramhin like qualities of ahimsa and gyanarjan . He could have been ordained bramhinic status on account of his qualities and allowed to practise Tapa ,but Shri Krishna says You are Kshatriya and such thoughts do not suit you , you would get disgrace, ill fame on account of such act and would be labelled coward. WHY?
because a bramhin is a one who is born to both bramhin mother and bramhin father and also should have samskara of Bramhin , both are neccessary conditions and one in isolation does not qualify one to be a bramhin.

So Arjuna being born as Kshatriya Himsa was his dharma and war was his karma [vihit karma]
The beauty in the Bhagavadgeeta is that
what has been ordained as KarmaYOGA is actually accumulation of Gnyana !
What is Gnyana Yoga is actually carrying out duties as Karma with full accurate Knowledge.

So this sets pretext to the concepts of Karma Akarma and vikarma
Vikarma should not be resorted to !
Akarma is not possible at all
Karma [as per varna and ashrama dharma]should only be performed
This karma has to be a Nishkaam Karma
Nishkaam Karma leads to yathartha Gnyana.
Yathartha Gnyana leads to Paroksha Gnyana
Paroksha Gnyani after blessings of the Vayu and recommendation of SriMahalakshmi attains Aparoksha .
Aparoksha assure Moksha.

For all this Narayana's own will and grace is responsible and this is not got by any efforts of the Soul.
Once God decides " Yen Mochayami" I am going to grant Moksha to this soul , his spiritual journey starts.
So one gets MOksha only by the GRACE of the LORD NARAYANA .

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