Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ram Mantra

RAM -The name of the lord born as son of Dasharath is in itself a mantra. It is the best mantra available to tide over samsara.

  • Ram means one who attracts the minds of one and all
  • Ram means one who fulfills all the wishes of his devotees
  • Ram means one who always gives happiness to his consort
  • Ram means the  fire which burns its enemies to ashes
  • Ram means one who is ideal and shows the righteous path
  • Ram means embodiment of auspicious
  • Ram means the infinite bliss
  • Ram means the one who purifies
  • Ram means the sacrificial fire that gives glory
  • Ram means the peace that comes from within
  • Ram means the greatest ever born

Ram Ram when uttered twice  becomes mahamantra .

  • R- raktha [blood]
  • A-asthi[bones]
  • M-mamsa[muscles] gata papa kshayati
  • the sins that are ingrained deep inside blood and bones and muscles/marrow[majja] are destroyed by chanting RAM once
  • once destroyed these may try to re-enter
  • when uttered RAM second time ,it prevents such reccurence

note : We suffer due to sins , sins are superficially ingrained onto the aura if it is less potent . When sins are grave ,they manifest into blood ,second stage would be when they penetrate human bones and lastly the sins become unbearable when they are in marrow. The more severe sins are manifested as mental disorders . the remedies to such sins are not possible , man suffers them ,only a holy saint has to take pity on these to relieve them of pain and unrest. But why worry when there is Ram mantra . just chant RAM RAM twice such sins will get destroyed and will never attack again.

There is nothing in this three world that cannot be achieved  by this mantra , it will be sheer waste of time reciting all other mantras without the knowledge of RAM mantra .Blessed is the soul who has mastered this RAM mantra by the grace of Guru Madhvacharya for his place in the abode of Purandara vittala is assured.


|| Ram naam japiso hey manuja || AA mantra ee Mantra japisuvi keda beda|| Ram naam japiso hey manuja ||

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  1. Dear Sir,
    The explaination of sukshma vicharas are superb. But there is one thing I have noticed in many blogs. The pronunciation of Ram in sanskrit is Raama,even in mantras they(hindi speaking people) pronounce jaya as jai. This is the influence of mughals(or urdu)on hindi. I really fear if people who have good authority on samskrita like you would tend to use the words Ram, the correct pronunciation may disappear in few years. This is my sincere request, if you feel I have crossed the limit, I really apologise for that mistake.
    The thing may look very small,but small drops of water make a ocean one day.