Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bho Yativarendra Gururaya Raghavendra

  • Oh Raghavendra swamy ,protect me ,I am in your shelter ,I pray your divine presence in the Brundavana ,Please protect oh full moon of tattvavada!
  • I have wandered from[holy] Place to Place to every place suggested and seen and passed by , I am vexed asking boons unfulfilled at these places, now I come to your pedestal [Mantralayam]-Please help me!
  • I do not have any capacity to carry out austerities ,as I am dipped in desires and vices ,Niyamas are a very difficult for me to observe ,Yet I desire your blessings and I know you would fulfil my other wants also.
  • I do not understand shastras , I have no knowledge of the language , I do not have any Mantra for learning , but I have cravings for SriMadhvas' teachings ,but I am short of intelligence and analytical skills, I have come to your pedestal with just a desire and no qualifications , Please besiege my heart and inspire these knowledge and learning and Please protect me , fulfill my desires.

Note: it requires lot of niyamas to acquire Punya and these punya purifies ones heart and induces one to study shastras . Study of Shastras require lot of Intelligence , language skills and grammatical and logical analysis to grasp the meaning in the treatise. Or you should have some kind of mantra siddhi of some devata mantra to understand the secrets of science from that Devata. or observes niyamas and strict ways of living to appease any diety in Temple to offer you a boon for the same. I out of ignorance ,polluted mind,and uncontrolled senses ,with no qualifications whatsoever as mentioned above [Though without them there is no recourse] I still desire to become a gnyani and desire to obtain all the wishes , I know you would help me !HOW?

By besieging my heart , staying in it , this will automatically purify me ,You are the only devata I know of ,who can teach me by inspiring it in my heart, You are the very embodiment of knowledge ,your presence in my heart makes me a scholar , You make my tongue speak very difficult topic lucidly , you make my mind think the intricate logic of philosophy , you make my heart sing praises of Lord Anantapadmanabh Oh Guru Raghavendra your name is my mantra to attain all the desires with   my one desire to visit your pedestal Mantralaya.


||Antarangadali nintu preriso Anantadrishadvaraye||

You need not be a scholar or need not do great piety ,need not wander in Himalayas or observe vrata niyama for siddhi , Just become a devotee of Mantralayam seer SriRaghavendra and surrender to his lotus feet , You will gain everything desired.


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