Monday, January 5, 2009

Slavery to Guru ensures MUKTI

What's the use of  study  of Shastras again & again ? Passionate devotion is a wasteful exercise!!

Till we become a slave to our Guru , mukti is always a distant dream !!!

Mukti does not come :

  • by mere learning of six shastras
  • by gleaning  hundreds of upanishats and purana
  • by mere reciting great epics and other good moral stories
  • by mere lecturing confidently the philosophies
  • by merely displaying a mala of tulasi/rudraksh
  • by chanting crores of mantras through  japa mani in the palm
  • by undisturbed  smear of the bhasma on the body
  • by wandering into forests as ascetics
  • by shunning the conjugal happiness of a woman
  • by detaching bodily felicity and grooming

Mukti can only be had by reaching the abode of Purandar vittala [the one who has bestowed boons on Narada ] by enslaving oneself to the Great Guru Madhvacharya [MukhyaPrana].

||Guruina ghulaman aguva tanaka doreyadanna  MuKuti||Pari pari shastrava vodidare enu vyarth vayitu bhakuti||


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