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Sri Raghavendra Gurusarvabhouma

SriRaghavendra swamy fulfills the desires of the devotee instantly.
  • How are desires fulfilled?
  • There are so many saints and others who are also known for fulfilling desires. what is difference in these and Sri Raghavendra Swamy?
  • What is the extra benefit that is assured in following SriRaghavendra Swamy?
  1. Desires are fulfilled with the aid of Punya.
    1. Punya has to be operating when desires occur in our mind ,then they get fulfilled . We say " I was lucky i got everything I desired
    2. If you dont have punya then options left are
      1. You kill your desires ,resorting to vedanta or some other kind of udaseenata.
      2. Else you strive for it with hard work
        1. you undertake upasana/vrata etc
        2. You simply request your elders[capable] to get it for you.
    3. The type of punya acquired determines the quality of enjoyments .
  2. There are so many saints ,why only SriRaghavendra ?
    1. As discussed earlier type and quality of enjoyments is of paramount importance.
    2. when we pray /approach some saint/devata/babas/etc these saints.../.... etc can grant us a boon in two ways
      1. their prayer should entitle us to accumulation of Punya  or gaining of merits
      2. or these saints should be capable of creating it for us.
      3. the accumulation can occur only when such pooja prayer is ordained in vedas puranas and the saint/devata etc are PuranaPurusha.
      4. ie Strotras and suktas of devatas in Vedas give by themselves enormous punya to the self.
      5. Most of the babas are not mentioned in purana or veda.
      6. such babas can give results by giving their punya [if at all they have some]
      7. or by magic[it can vary from indrajal to maya to bhuta vidya]
      8. Yogis give punya by siddhi [ animaadi etc]
    3. On the whole a saint has to give it from his pocket/balance etc.
    4. That he should have acquired some merits himself.
    5. This he must have acquired in his previous births only.
    6. That means if he was an ordinary person in his previous birth his punya would have been ordinary and thus the results that one gets after getting this punya will also be ordinary .
    7. Sometimes these punyas would have been tainted with some papa [on account of sinister intention ] , so we are also destined to get some grief on account of this sinister intention. If this is really big then you are actually inviting unhappiness in exchange for a small desire fulfillment. [ a great risk].
    8. No person is perfect and hence his punya will not be perfect , thus desires fulfilled by these imperfect souls[babas] will also end in disappointments after a little wishful moments. however ignorant of the cause and out of greed of fulfilment ,you again and again revisit the same baba ,lifelong. and your list of woes become unending and repetitive .You get caught into a vicious circle of mixed happiness[ you keep circling in samsara by the grace of menial babas /saints]
    9. These are Rajas Saints as per Bhagavadgeeta
    10. When such meetings always bring unhappiness and misfortunes then know for sure ,you are in the company of Tamas saints.
Sri Raghavendra swamy was earlier Prahlad [he is Purana Purusha].Praying him will give both natural punya as ordained by Shastras and at the same time ,  The saint himself has promised instant punya from his account .
What is the quality of Punya [ done by Prahalad].
Prahalad is the only bhakta who has never asked anything from the God. He is a true bhakta , whose bhakti is totally desireless. hence his punya is a pure one. Unmixed one. Such pure bhakti gives pure punya . This pure punya fulfills all desires to the complete satisfaction.
ordinary punya exhausts  after it has been enjoyed.
Pure punya gives rise to enjoyments that leads to more Pure punya.
Thus with Sriraghavendra swamy you are assured of happiness[ desires getting fulfilled without any side effects or diminishing quality].They will never bring misfortunes , unhappiness or craving for more . It will full satisfying and complete.
To elaborate more , I shall narrate a story.
Once there was a tree which fulfilled all the wishes for those who took shelter under it. A peasant came by and took shelter under the tree in a scorching sun.He wished " ah how nice it would be to have excellent shade covering my head to escape the sun. " Instantly there was a shade .
after sometimes peasant desired " ah how nice it would be if  i had brought some meals along to enjoy in this shade" instantly there was a five course meals laid down before him ." He had a good meal and suddenly he thought his wishes are getting fulfilled instantly ,he looked around and there was nothing.
So he wished again to test whether he is dreaming or is it for real " how nice it would be if i had  a cot to sit on " instantly a cot appeared . " ah how about a cool breeze" thus flowed cool breeze and peasant dozed off .
After a good nap , he got up and suddenly a thought occurred " i am alone in this forest under this tree , what if a ghost comes by !" instantly a ghost appears . " what if this kills me !!! " it kills him .
These are the qualities of kalpavriksha that can be seen in the world .
But SriRaghavendra swamy is such a Kalpavriksha who doesn't fulfill the desires which are harmful to the devotee. Infact he does not even allow such disastrous thoughts cross the minds of his devotee . He constantly guides them to unmixed happiness  helping them with his own punya where one falsl short of . There will not be an iota of unhappiness once you are a ardent devotee of SriRaghavendra swamy . Appanacharya says " asukham kinchana"  , unhappiness is on account of miseries , these never touch devotees of Raghavendra swamy . [ but then you may be unhappy because of absence of happiness, absence of misery is okay but what about absence of sukha , this can also be a unhappiness.] so he uses " asukham " that means even such absence of happiness will also not be there . that means one will be ever happy . "Natra samshaya" do not doubt this .
what's additional benefit ?
Kamalanatha: prasadodayat   . In this world Only Vishnu can assure a Moksha for the devotees  and No other deities can give Moksha . But by the grace of Narsimha , Prahalad has been granted a boon of recommending  Moksha to his followers. Thus he can assure Moksha for all of us.
SaKshi Hayasyotra hi . These words told by appanacharya bear the testimony and  sanction  of Lord Hayagreeva himself .
Note: It is very difficult to achieve Moksha , one must learn all the shastras by heart , must have analysed them [its easy to know them but difficult to understand], test  them and then one start his sadhana ,keeping unattached to all the karmas ,vighna,and helplessness towards miseries that occur in this world and in future births again and again.
even after learning all the shastras the real understanding of LOrd is rarely possible as this mind is very fickle and it wavers . even if we manage all these ,It is very rare that God will remain in the heart forever[state of samadhi] , the process becomes an exhaustive exercise, and sometimes we wonder why at-all  all this ,cant there be a  one step phenomena towards Moksha.
SriRaghavendra swamy is the only saint who has come down to simplify this whole exercise to a n enjoyable outing on this earth in this birth and yet another in the Vaikuntha.
All we need to do is like a good child who trusts none but his parents and sticks his tiny plam towards the little finger of his parents and he is assured he is not going to get lost.
Oh SriRaghavendra Gurusarvabhouma , i the child of this tatvavada lineage hold your finger , and I know whe the doors of the Vaikuntha opens You will be the first to be let in , you never leave the hand of those who have faith in you ,like a child i would also follow you to Vaikuntha by the grace of Bharathi ramana mukhyapranantargata sri Lakshmi Narsimha .


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