Thursday, January 1, 2009

SriRaghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam

Sri Raghvavendra swamy of Mantralayam is still in yogic asampragyat samadhi in the Vrundavana at Mantralayam.[it means he is still inside the Vrundavan at the temple.] He would be there till 700 years from the day he entered the Vrundavana. Why is he still living in a mortal form on the earth ? what makes him bound in the Brundavana? Why has he not left to the celestial abode immediately?

  • Prarabdha and anishta punya are two major reasons for this choice of state.
  • I say choice of state because ,just saying state would mean a compulsion or binding on Mantralayam seer out of some irrevocable consequence.But this is not true of the great yogi who is the avatar of Prahalad .It is a matter of choice , ie. seer is sitting out of his own choice.why?
  • As Prahalad ,Lord Narsimha had flung open the doors of Vaikuntha , but Prahlad refused to go to Vaikuntha.
  • Prahlad insisted to stay back and lead all the deserving  followers onto the path towards Vaikuntha .
  • only then together with his followers he would like to go to Vaikuntha.
  • Thus Prahlad chose to be born as Bahlika ,Vyasathirtha and Raghavendra Swamy.
  • so he has a choice not compulsion to stay back.
  • Now what is his purpose in staying back?
  • A man has 1 sanchita 2 prarabdha 3. Agami karma
  • when one attains Aparoksha Sanchita and Agami do not affect
  • Prarabdha remains to be exhausted.
  • Sanchitapunya of Aparokshagyani is distrubuted to his followers and Sanchita Papa goes to the haters abusers.
  • So Raghavendra swamy has chosen his prarabdha to be on the earth in a state of samadhi and distribute his punya to all those who ask for his blessings.
  • Since he has resolved to give his punya ,so only a small pooja or bhajan sung in his favour is enough to get his blessings [punya] .
  • This punya will not only fulfill our wishes but also increase Gyan bhakti Vairagya instantly.
  • Thus Shri Raghavendra swamy is akin to Kalpavriksha and Kamdhenu in Kaliyuga.

Pujyaya Raghavendraya Satyadharma rataycha  | Bhajatam Kalpavrukshaya Namatam Kamdhenave||



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