Monday, February 16, 2009

Gayatri sadhana

"Dhi yo yo nah prachodayat " saying is to kindle sadbuddi [good senses] .Suryanarayana is prayed for such good senses to prevail. Of all the achievements in life ,gaining good senses [sadbuddi] is paramount . Without good mind all the material benefits gained are of no use. They do not sustain long and quickly dwindle away. Acts done with sadbuddi are longlasting . All the benefits to be of use to us and society they must accompany good sense ,such deployment of resources with sadbuddi can only be of general well being . Thus gaining of sadbuddi is foremost in accomplishing anyfeat by an individual , such acquirig of sadbuddi is aided by Gayatri and hence is of paramount importance to human beings.


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  1. Thanks for this Chiraanji. My hundred attempts to get my husband to do sandhya have been futile.... Dhi yo yo nah prachodayat indeed!!