Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trividh artha

All veda Vakyas carry three types of meaning.
  • One mainly proclaiming Vishnu
  • Unimportantly [subsidarily] proclaiming the Mukhyaprana
  • tertiarily the deity in question

For example if we are inspecting a line " Surya Atmajagatatsuchakshu "

  • Here Surya is primarily the Vishnu who is the centre of Universe
  • MUkhyaprana is also interpreted as Surya in this case
  • And Finally the diety Surya can also be dependently praised through this verse.

Thus even in case of Gayatri the main deity is Vishnu , secondarily as Amukhya devata Mukhyaprana and subsequently Surya . But Surya cannot be the main deity proclaimed as Gayatri as all the names primarily to Vishnu.

Thus in all Veda verses where other dieties are praised they primarily pertain to Vishnu and tertiarily to other dieties.


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