Thursday, February 19, 2009


  • Mantras consists of syllable aum
  • beejakshara shri etc
  • naam
  • and namaha ,swaha, vashat etc
  • Aum represents Vishnu
  • Shri etc Mahalakshmi
  • SHri also means one who is always wealthy [nitya srimantha]
  • Only Lord Vayu is nitya srimantha
  • thus shri also means Mukhyaprana
  • Nama is of the deity whose mantra we recite
  • namaha is the naman bowing [namaskar] that we mentally offer
  • Thus every mantra itself declares that deity in question whom we are praying be pleased with us and thus be pleased the lord as present in Vayu in that deity
  • Thus being pleased Vishnu bestow us prosperity to us.
  • Those who recite mantras with this anusandhana only get results others do not !!!!
  • Thus Vishnu is supreme denoted by Om followed by Lakshmi and Vayu .
  • krishnarpana

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