Friday, February 20, 2009

Mantra Rushi Chandas

Mantras are seen [drashtar] by the deities and rishis . Lord hayagreeva is the moola rishi for all the mantras. Subsequently they are seen by Bramha , Indra ,Guru ,chandra and varun agni etc. Rishis then see them and became popular in the world as initiators of mantra.
  • While chanting mantra ,rishi is remembered by touching the head . It signifies as "I bow to you oh rishi who has given me this mantra for my benefit".
  • Then chandas is uttered by touching the mouth signifying " May chando devata help me utter the verses or mantra in specific meter properly"
  • Then the heart is touched mentioning the devata of the mantra signifying " Oh Lord I MEDITATE on you in my heart "
  • Mahalakshmi is the presiding deity of all the chandas.
  • The chandas gayatri is 24 syllables presided by Saraswati ,bharati,swaha
  • ushnik is 28 syllable presided by Sangya
  • Anushtup- 32 - rohini
  • brahati- 36- tara
  • pankti - 40 - wife of mitra varun
  • tristup - 44 - shachi
  • jagati - 48 - varuni
  • For all vedmantras rigvedis should know Indra as rishi
  • Yajurvedis should know surya as rishi
  • Saamvedis should know chandra as the rishi.
  • Narayana is the Devata for all the Vedas.
  • krishnarpanamastu

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